1. myoung3

    The Final Summary


    So I finished up all the extra stuff I had to to for the class this week.  The only real work I have left to do is to make a few more comments and maybe update my final project if I get some good feedback.  I didn’t see a whole …

  2. myoung3

    I Made Some Comments!


    Final Project Progress 2
    Final Project Idea
    Final Project Week 1 Progress
    Progress on The Final Show Time
    Updates on The Final Project

  3. myoung3

    The Legend of Spooksy: Part 1


    So, I was screwing around on the internet the other day, and I found this video

    Just some crazy crackhead right? That’s what I thought too, but I had some time, so I started googling. It turns out, this guy actually went missing. I found this in a public records …

  4. myoung3

    Mocking Up A Newsweek Cover (VisualTutorials737)



    I wanted to do this one because it was one of the first assignments I did for the class, and it didn’t turn out great.  I hadn’t learned paint.NET yet, so I did it in ms paint.  Looking back it seems like such an easy assignment, and I think …

  5. myoung3

    How To: Multiply Thyself (VisualTutorials943)


    I chose this assignment because in looking at the instructions, it seemed a bit rigid, so I wanted to offer some alternatives.  I like the idea of several versions of yourself sitting in an office interviewing each other, but why can’t they be in space?  Or on vacation?  I took …

  6. myoung3

    A Framework of Terror


    So here it is, the time we’ve all been waiting for: The final project.  I spent this week focusing on script writing, music composition, and story layout.  I am writing an original song to serve as the sound track for my final project.  The song’s length will roughly correlate with …

  7. myoung3

    This Case… IS SHOWED.


    Hello folks, Spooksy here.  This week I’m bringing you five more cats the government doesn’t want you to pet.  I think?  Something like that.  ANyway, this first piece is a movie mashup poster between divergent and the hunger games: The Divergent Games.  I think this a great movie poster because …

  8. myoung3

    Sum Up


    This week was interesting, I got to practice a lot of the things I learned in previous weeks, and I think it went alright.  I don’t really have a favorite piece this week, because nothing really stuck out as stellar.  I guess that’s to be expected when you’re “mashing up” …

  9. myoung3

    Game Of Spooksy (MashupAssignments544 3.5 Stars)


    This assignment should be worth waaaay more than 3.5 stars!  It’s tough to get the words and mouth movements to sync up!  I thought about using a cartoon, because they use the same five or six generic mouth positions for everything to make it easier for people to talk over, …

  10. myoung3

    Is That Your Final Answer? (Create A Daily Create)


    Have you ever submitted a daily create and then realized the perfect thing you should have done or said for it?  What about learning a new trick on a piece of software that would have made it exponentially better?  Take one of your past daily creates and give it the …

  11. myoung3

    Leonidas Is A Jerk (Mashup Assignments1520 3 Stars)


    I chose to mash up scenes of Leonidas from the movie 300 that made him look like a jerk.  I re-watched the movie again recently, and I noticed that Leonidas was a very one dimensional character.  He has no flaws, he never does anything wrong or questionable, he’s just a …

  12. myoung3

    Assignment Tutorial 2: The Second 1


    This assignment in pretty simple, yet very powerful.  Mash-up your own work!  Take at least 3 things you’ve done this semester, and combine them together to make one cohesive things.  For example:  I took all my host character work related the his haunted mansion, and turned it into a single …

  13. myoung3

    A Very Spookstacular Summary


    So apparently I made some things this week people really liked.  Got a few re-tweets and mentions on things, which always makes me feel good.  I stumbled a bit this week as well.  In particular, I did one assignment completely wrong, but it turned out really well, so I dunno …

  14. myoung3

    The purpose of life (DailyCreate)


    If asked if life had a purpose I’d say there is none

    So just fart around and try to have fun

    For purpose supposes there is some great plan

    Perhaps one that’s made by an invisible man

    There would need to be a God in whom I beleave

    like a …

  15. myoung3

    Spooksography (VideoAssignments1847 4 Stars)


    The long awaited Spooksography.  I want to keep Spooksy a bit mysterious, so I kept this pretty light.  From the beginning I had in mind a picture of a baby eating himself, because that’s just so Spooksy.  I wanted to touch on some of the parts about Spooksy that I …

  16. myoung3

    Spooksy Goes To The Bathroom (VideoAssignments1159 5 Stars)


    When I started writing the script for this assignment, I was having a conversation with myself, like the assignment intended.  When thinking about the challenges associated with the filming I said to myself, it would be easier if I had my girlfriend read one part, why didn’t I think of …

  17. myoung3

    The Road to 110 (VideoAssignments1516 5 Stars)


    I liked this assignment because it was right up the alley of everything I’ve done previously with video editing, which is editing competitive game footage of myself into montages with musical accompaniment.  This video is one of the first ever videos I made, and I’ve learned a lot from the …

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