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    INTE 5340 Final Reflection


    Final Course Reflection for INTE5340 Digital Storytelling

    You as a learner in this course: How did you learn in this course?  How do you understand your social learning practices given theory shared by L&K and other authors? How might your experiences in this course inform how you learn in the …

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    Reflective Summary Week #7


    Week 7… Woooo Hooo!

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    I did great this week. I focused more on my personal struggle of going back to work after being a stay-at-home mom for my own scholarship and story critique. I spent a lot of time on this subject looking at scholarly and not-so-scholarly articles, …

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    Week #6 Reflection: Connected


    For some reason, this course week felt easier but that might be because the rest of my life felt harder. Personal struggles plus global tragedies aside, I think I am becoming more efficient about getting my work done which allows me to go deeper in my learning. I have been …

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    Week #5 Refection: Change


    Week #5 Reflection

    How well do you feel you completed the requirements of the week’s assignments (inclusive of at least two TDCs, your DS106 Activity Bank Assignment, response to course readings (grad students only), critique of digital story, various responses to CU Denver peers, and engagement with other online social…
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    Movie Poster Mashup


    Week #5: Mashup Assignment

    Mashup Those Movies

    The assignment was to take different movie posters and mash them into one. I chose one movie about teaching, Freedom Writers, and a second movie about working, 9 to 5. My focal theme this semester is work-life balance and I felt these two …

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    Week #4 Reflection


    Week #4: Reflection

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    It’s been a good week. I somehow managed to fit in three Daily Creates this week, just for fun, despite having less time overall. I really enjoyed creating these and look forward to finding out the challenge every day even if I don’t do them. …

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    Week #3 Reflection


    Reflecting on the Third Week of Class

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    I am going to be brutally honest here. I have started off the last two weeks gung-ho about this class, excited for the new things I am going to learn and creating new projects. And I will get to all I …

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