1. mzleedahling

    A new address


    I’ve decided to move my blogs to one site to make it all easier to manage. Initially I had ‘be the hustle’ as a blog for my random thoughts and social commentary and I kept my blog about writing my novel separate. My reasoning at the time was that I’m …

  2. mzleedahling

    Why I Stand for Mercy


    It’s not often that I voice my political opinion especially among friends and family, as often issues can be too divisive, but every so often something will come up that I feel very strongly about. Usually something happens that is unjust and I decide to let my voice be heard …

  3. mzleedahling

    OMG! That’s a Nolan on the wall.


    So there I am at work visiting another department in search of some superglue to fix my broken necklace when I look up and see a Sidney Nolan original etching on the wall. OMG! Woking in a university I’m very fortunate to be surrounded by art, most of which is …

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