1. nadiraca

    Final Project Continuation


    This is a slideshow for my cousin’s (Guiatree). It’s been 6 years that she’s gone now. We already have a blog for her. So I thought since we haven’t made a new video for her, why not make a new one.

    This is an old slideshow that my cousin’s sister …

  2. nadiraca

    Final Project


    In a blog post describe your favorite type of digital storytelling activity. Was it from an assignment? The Daily Create? Embed the work you made and tell us how you chose to do it. Could you see expanding on this work into a final project? Why would you chose to …

  3. nadiraca

    Mockumentary Interview Project


    This mockumentary project is about an interview with a character who is based on an archetype. The archetype is about education in college with professors. I hope you can guess which professor I was. This assignment was fun to do. I hope you like It.

    I was impersonating Prof. Chole. …

  4. nadiraca

    30 Second Documentary


    This assignment was called 30 second documentary. We had to make a short 30 second documentary on anything we want. But there should be no narration necessary. Show, don’t tell. I picked to make an origami heart.

    This video was fun to do because first I chose to make …

  5. nadiraca

    Movie scenes that changed my life.


    Here is the transcript for Movie scenes that changed my life.

    The sandlot taught me to overcome my fears and stay motivated and strong. In this scene, you will see Benny jumping over the fence where the beast lives to get back Small’s dad baseball that was signed by Babe …

  6. nadiraca

    Radio Talk Show


    For this assignment, we had to be in groups. We had to pick a topic and talk about it, like we were on the radio for five minutes. My group which consists of Colleen who played Bethella King, Frank who played Alvin James, I played the interviewer, we thought that …

  7. nadiraca

    Sound Effects Story


    My internet hasn’t been working properly for a couple of days so I finally get to upload my final audio assignment called Sound Effects Story. For this assignment, we had to use sounds to tell a story without using any verbal communication. So I thought about what I do …

  8. nadiraca

    Audio Dream Story


    Hey I did another one. This assignment is called Audio Dream Stories. I think I did a good job on this one because I was in the computer lab and I took the sounds off the computer. I plugged in my headphones and I put my headphone next to …

  9. nadiraca

    Music Tag


    So this assignment is called Music Tag. The objective was to to create a story by using audio snippets from songs. The trick is you have to have the last word of your clip, be the same word that starts the next clip. Use at least 5 different songs, …

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