1. nforknal

    The Radio Show Finale!


    Even though this was a light week in terms of ds106 work, I was swamped with other work, and sadly I did not get as much done over Fall Break as I would have liked to. I did not sleep Wednesday night, because I was working on 2 post labs, …

  2. nforknal

    The Smooth & Spooky Variety Hour


    It is done! We finished recording and we put the finishing touches on our radio show! We met Tuesday and Thursday, and over those two days, we recorded everything for the show, excluding the commercials and bumpers we had created last week and during audio week.  Tuesday we had about …

  3. nforknal

    Slowly, But Surely!


    This week it’s crunch time! Radio Shows are due on Friday and Fall Break kind put a kink in people’s schedules because we all went home for different days. We were all able to find time on Tuesday afternoon to work on recording our radio show.  We worked on our …

  4. nforknal

    Busy Busy Busy


    And so ends week 7.  This was a REALLY busy week for me, so I’m glad that the workload for ds106 this week was a little bit lighter.  Even though Fall Break is upon us, there will be no break for me.  I am swamped with assignments, papers, lab reports, …

  5. nforknal

    Wally’s Reaper Repellent


    For 3.5 stars this week, I completed the ds106 Radio Commercial assignment.  This counts towards my star count for the week, and we can also use it for our radio show! Look Ma, I’m multi tasking!



    In order to create this commercial, I wrote a short script, then …

  6. nforknal

    When Sally Confronted Rick


    In continuation from When Rick Met Walter, this is the conversation that immediately follows the death of our dear friend Walter.  I can’t imagine what Sally is going through right now. I wish her the best of luck in the coming days.



    For 4 stars this week, …

  7. nforknal

    I Hope You Brought More Socks

    Prepare to be spooked and have your socks knocked off! I would recommend bringing an extra pair, or two.. Coming in two weeks: Grade-A Gruesome’s Smooth and Spooky Variety Hour! This week’s theme: zombies.


    To create this promo poster, I started from scratch in Photoshop, and experimented with the …

  8. nforknal

    So Far, So Good!


    It’s radio week, and that means group radio show projects! My group consists of me, Kathi, James, & Aaron! We are Grade A Gruesome. We hope you brought another pair of socks, because you’re about to have yours knocked off!

    There are a few requirements for the …

  9. nforknal

    A Rainy End to Design Week


    Design week wasn’t so bad! When I first started to read the assignment post for the week, I wasn’t sure what all “design” would entail..


    I really enjoyed the Assignment Bank this week. A lot of the choices were really fun to complete! I was an over-achiever and completed …

  10. nforknal

    Alien Film Design


    This week we had to watch a film of our choice from the list provided, and analyze it based on its film design and how it fits Vignelli’s idea of design fundamentals. I chose chose to watch Alien, because I was able to record it at home, and then watch …

  11. nforknal

    Love at First Flight


    These two macaws have fought long and hard to be together. Neither one’s family approved of the relationship, but the two were so in love! They would go to any length to be together! – It was true love!

    For years, the two families quarreled, but not these two. The …

  12. nforknal

    Bon Voyage, Jim!


    For 4.5 stars this week, I completed the Professor Groom Poster assignment, buuuut I didn’t follow it exactly…  The instructions said to paste Jim’s head into a TV show, or movie, but instead I just made him into a movie star!

    I also used Jim’s last words to DTLT, before …

  13. nforknal

    Gold on the Ceiling


    I have solved the problem! The Black Keys wanted to get their gold on the ceiling, and I have done it, thanks to Upside down day, of course!

    Today’s Daily Create:

    Take a photo of a subject, landscape, or anything you can find that would cool upside down.

    Well now …

  14. nforknal

    My Friday Nights


    For 2 stars this week, I completed the ds106 Post Secret assignment.

    It’s time to get real! Design your own ds106 themed Post Secret postcard. Use photo editing software to experiment with different fonts and layering images.

    My life thus far has consisted of Friday nights spent on my …

  15. nforknal

    A Two-for-One Special!


    Everyone loves a bargain, right? Well I do too, and that’s exactly what I got with this assignment! Not only does it complete a Daily Create, but it is also an assignment, worth 3 stars! Lucky me, yippee!

    Today’s Daily Create:

    Combine two of your most favorite store logos and …

  16. nforknal

    5 Weeks in.. Already?!


    Audio, by far is my second least favorite thing to work on/with.  This mostly comes from the fact that I hate recording myself, or listening to recordings of myself.


    This week, I felt more on top of things than I have in previous weeks. I didn’t put as many …

  17. nforknal

    You’re Listening To…


    ds106, of course! That’s what you’re listening to!

    This week, we had to create a radio bumper, and even though it is in the Assignment Bank, it was not worth any stars this week…


    I first recorded the audio, and then added some background tunes to it, so …

  18. nforknal

    Ideas, Ideas, Ideas


    Radio Show Ideas:


    It would be really cool if a story was told using only sound effects, and no dialogue.  This would be really cool, but also difficult, because the show has to be 20-30 minutes long. It would be interesting if a story was told in first person,…
  19. nforknal

    Let’s Take it Slowwww


    For 3 stars this week, I completed the 800% Slower Assignment.


    I have come to learn that Audacity hates me.  In order to keep the smoothness of the track, I slowed down the track using the Paulstretch effect under the effects menu.  After I made some rough calculations, …

  20. nforknal

    A Riddle for Ye’ Break Time


    Ahoy, me mateys!

    Here’s a riddle for ye young lads.

    What is a pirate’s favorite amino acid?







    Alright ya’ chums, now put down the grog and back to work!…

  21. nforknal

    Audio in the Real World

    Audio, Audio, Audio

    This week is all about audio, and how it plays a large part in storytelling. Audio is used in films and other forms of media for added effect. Remember those dramatic scenes in your favorite movie, and the emotion that they provoked? Would those same scenes evoke …

  22. nforknal

    When Rick Met Walter


    **A note to the readers: If you watch The Walking Dead, and have followed the stories of Walter the Walker and Sally Slaughterhouse, you will know that they live in New Mexico, after the world went to shit, just like Rick and company in the TV series. Last season on …

  23. nforknal

    Getting Caught


    For today’s Daily Create, we had to create a story using only 5 flickr photos. Check out my story, Getting Caught!


    From the small image sizes that I had to choose from, the third photo looked like a card scanner, and video surveillance camera. If it is thought about …

  24. nforknal

    As Dark as it Gets


    This week was images!!! My favorite! However, besides this course, I had a lot going on – 2 quizzes, 2 exams, 3 practices, and too many tutorials and meetings to count!

    I completed most of my star assignments on Monday – that’s usually the easiest day for ds106 work for …

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