1. nforknal

    Almost Dark


    Another assignment for this week was to review the cinemagraphic effects of horror movie.  For this review, I chose the Movie, Near Dark.  As I was watching the movie, I took notes as to which effect I could pick out.  They are listed below in the order that they …

  2. nforknal

    Eye of the Beholder


    They say they exist, but no one has ever seen them.. They are said to live within your camera; watching, waiting to emerge and attack at just the precise moment.. Their eyes are like lenses – no one likes looking directly into them up close, and they’re even more difficult …

  3. nforknal

    Time Flies When You’re Under Pressure


    This week, we were tasked with completing what is otherwise known as a photoblitz! This is a cool concept, where you are given a list of photos to take that agree with the “prompt”. Each computer (? I guess?) is given a different list of things to photograph. A …

  4. nforknal

    A Passion for Pictures


    After brushing up on the photography skills this week, I’ve realized that I know a lot more about taking great photos than I thought I did. I took a photography class in high school, and we covered everything from framing a photo, the rule of thirds, contrast, lines, etc. to …

  5. nforknal

    It’s a Small World After All


    For my last star for the week, I decided to complete the Larger Than Life Assignment. I really only needed 0.5 stars.. Why aren’t there any assignments that are worth 0.5 stars!

    Take a picture of an everyday object and make it look larger than life.

    I used my phone …

  6. nforknal

    Awe, Amazement, Joy, & Peace


    Today’s Daily Create:

    A photo taken with the intention to elicit a specific emotion in the viewer. In case you need emotional reminders, here is an emotion wheel courtesy of Wikimedia.

    This photo was taken on my trip to Costa Rica during Spring Break 2015.  I was sitting on a …

  7. nforknal

    Alphabet Food


    This week, I chose to make an A-Z food collage for 2 stars!

    Going in to this, I thought, “Oh this’ll be super easy. I love food!” However, there are some letters that are very rare in the food world, like J, Q, U, V, and X.  For these, I …

  8. nforknal

    Wait, I Have Siblings?


    For 4.5 stars this week, I completed the Multiply Yourself Assignment.

    Take two or more photographs of yourself in one location. You must not change the position of the camera and take care that the light does not change either. Use a photo editing software to arrange yourself two …

  9. nforknal

    The Scariest of the Horror-est


    Aaarrrgggghhhhh hhaarrcchh aaarrrccchh ggggnnnnghgh

    Hi again! Sally Slaughterhouse and Walter the Walker here! I hope everyone has been holding up ok! We are here to give you a summary of the best work created during week 3!

    We will be highlighting work from other ds106ers in no particular order! Everyone …

  10. nforknal

    Raaaaving about the Week


    Ho hum.. this week.

    I thought I started off so strong! Getting most of the readings out of the way early in the week, but I let the Writing Assignments go by the wayside and was up to the last minute finishing those. This week was less stressful than the …

  11. nforknal

    Welcome to the World of Grimm. I think?


    Have you heard of the TV series Grimm? Yea? Me too! I love that show!

    But have you ever heard of Grime? No? That’s ok..

    It’s similar to Grimm, but instead of seeing Wesen, Nick sees the filth. Everywhere.


    Talk about a germaphobe’s worst nightmare..


    Today’s Daily Create:…

  12. nforknal

    Welcome to the Club


    Arggghhh ughhhrrrrgg hhhhaaaarrggh eeerrrrrgggghhhhhh aaarrrhhhhh haaaaarrrrghgh


    Hi there! My name is Sally Slaughterhouse! I’d like to introduce myself. I’m the translator for your new host, Walter the Walker! He can be hard to understand sometimes, so that’s why I’m here! So where do I start?! I’ve been translating for …

  13. nforknal

    That Fateful Day


    For 2 stars this week, I played The Wiki Game. The object of this game is to start with a random word, and somehow end up at the ending randomized word, only using links found within the Wiki pages.  Some of the words are easier than others and after …

  14. nforknal

    Computers are Evil


    Your computer crashed and you lost all your files? OH NO!!!!!

    *Sigh* If only Harry could bring them back… If only..

    But really, if he could, THAT WOULD BE EPIC!!

    Good luck Kelsey!…

  15. nforknal

    The Dishes and the Beast?


    For 2 stars this week, I decided to complete the TV Guide Remix Assignment.

    Take an existing movie or television show and change the writing of the synopsis in a way where it’s still factual correct, yet the story line feels drastically different.

    After a whole afternoon of thinking, …

  16. nforknal

    A Painful Encounter


    Today’s Daily Create:

    Write a caption for what is in the mind of the dolphin as it travels to visit this rare, red crab.



  17. nforknal

    Unnnggh.. The Stress of Week 2


    Oh Boy. This week was.. Stressful, to say the least.  And it’s only week 2!!! I guess this is what senior year does to people. Although I was not sick this week (yay!), I still felt swamped with work and assignments. My weekend was entirely booked full, so again, I …

  18. nforknal

    Marbles, Men, Myths, & Mysteries


    After reading both articles about the Slender Man and Web 2.0 Storytelling, it is clear that we have entered a new era of storytelling: Digital Storytelling. However, this new era begs the question, “Is this a new means of storytelling?” I believe that this new era still uses the same …

  19. nforknal

    On the Rocks


    What better place to be than at the base of a 70 m waterfall?! This photo was taken on my Spring Break Trip to Costa Rica in Spring 2015 at the La Fortuna waterfall.  The hike down to the base of it was steep, long, and sometimes strenuous, but it …

  20. nforknal

    Don’t Get Lost..


    For 2 stars this week, I decided to try my hand at designing a maze.  Do you remember that old pencil-paper game that we used to play, called dots? Well, I found it online and used it as a starting point for my maze.  Since it already had the basic …

  21. nforknal

    Where in the World?!


    As nerdy or cliche as it may sound, I do have a bucket list that I actually update and check things off! I don’t really know where, when or why I started one, but at some point in my life, I wanted to keep a list of things to do …

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