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    Final Project


    The Final Project

    The final project is going to be about a mission that my secret agent A.W. will be sent on.

    Mission Briefing

    A.W. begin to pack the essentials he needed for his mission. This included all of the necessary spy gear he needed.

    He carried a few interesting …

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    Advice for Future Students


    If you are a new student or just enrolled in ds106 you are probably wondering what it will be like and how to get an A. In this post I will go over what you will expect to do during the class and some tips to help you get a …

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    Progress Report


    In this blog post I am going to talk about my progress and plan of action for the final project. My plan is to go with item 2.

    We have unconfirmed reports that Canada is up to something, so we are looking to defuse the potential situation. Are they conspiring …

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    Poll Results


    Here are the results for the polls I created about our fellow agents.

    How did Special Agent GO's father make create a fortune from international business? #ds106 #SpecialAgentGo

    — Nicholas Sebenaler (@NickSebenaler) April 21, 2017

    The final results suggest that Special Agent GO’s father is an international banker. I was …

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    Party Rock in Reverse


    In this remix I took someone else’s video and played it in reverse. It sounds way different than the original version. This remix was a 3 star remix and thought it was a creative one. Not only can you remix your own work but you can also remix other people’s …

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    Cancer Awareness


    My remix was to make a specific message that supports people who have cancer. So I designed a poster with the website design tool called Canva. It is really important that we can bring hope to all people that are sick. I also think other that aren’t sick should be …

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    Hmm Movie Scenes


    Here is a picture. What doesn’t belong in this movie scene? Can you figure it out?

    This assignment was fun. I am getting really good at editing layers of pictures. I am now able to use this skill in many other assignments which is great!



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    Close Up View


    I took James Bond and superimposed him with the background of an ocean wave. That is pretty ridiculous. My inspiration for this image is of course our spy theme in the class.

    This assignment wasn’t as difficult as the last one. I am starting to get the hang of editing …

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    Holiday Mashup


    In this assignment I picked three holidays and mashed them together into one picture. My inspiration for this was were are nearing Easter and St. Patrick’s day just passed. And also The Fourth of July is coming up. So I wanted to celebrate all of these holidays.

    I have to …

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    Tutorial on X-Ray Goggles


    In this blog post I will be going over how to use a neat tool called X-Ray Goggles. They allow you to edit the html and websites and edit the content to whatever you want and you can save your edited html to a local version.

    You will need to…
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    Sending Money via Phone Number


    The video below explains how to send money to another Bank of America account. My inspiration for this video is mainly because I am tired of waiting 2 days for my mom to transfer money from her account to my bank account, but she won’t take the time to learn …

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    In this post I showing a video of me programming/coding. This is what I do for work and what I spend most my time doing. The inspiration for this video came from the fact that I love coding and it shows a typical day of my work life.

    This assignment

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    New Mission


    A new mission I think we should embark on is researching the life of a true spy.  Basically research the life of one spy and blog about their life. Investigate the type of life they lived and how they keep their identity a secret. You can blog about different missions …

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    Canva Overview


    In this blog I am talking about the Canva tutorial video I created. My inspiration for this tutorial was mainly learning how to record your computer screen. I have always seen people record tutorials on their computer screen but I never tried it myself. So I decided to give it …

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    Product Review


    In this video I review the new Macbook Pro. I recommend it to anyone looking for a new laptop. It cannot be beaten. You can check it out in the video below.

    I never really think about things I use on a daily basis and if I generally like them. …

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    My Favorite Thing To Do


    In this assignment I talk about one of my favorite hobbies which is reading. I enjoyed making this video or vlog because I have never made a video like this before. I love how ds106 introduces me to so many new things and enhances my creative skills. I am going …

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    Sixteen Year Old Me


    This is a video of myself telling the 16 year old me some life lessons and tips.

    This was a cool assignment because I was able to think about what I wish I had known when I was 16. I was able to think about some of the mistakes I …

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    Character Interview


    If I had to choose between living with the hands of a baby or the feet of a baby?

    I would choose living with the feet of a baby. I use my hands for everything and I think have baby hands would hurt my spy skill set. But with little …

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    Casino Royale – Poker Scene


    Creating this commentary about the Casino Royale poker scene was a new experience for me. I have never done a lot of video editing before and let me tell you it is not easy to pick up. The tool I used to edit the video was iMovie. I like iMovie …

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    Week 9


    This week was a fun and interesting one. I learned about telling stories via the web. The web assignments were fun and very informative.

    I also experienced using a new tool called x-ray goggles. This allowed us to create and edit existing webpages’ html and css.

    Once again I increased …

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    My new blog


    Above is a picture of a person’s blog I found and I used x-ray goggles to change this blog into my new blog. I removed their profile picture and put a picture of myself. I edit my name at the top of their blog page.

    I got this idea from …

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    The Best of ds106


    The first daily create that I really liked was created by Alex Brown. I thought the picture was really intriguing. You can see the woods way in the distance over the bridge. Another reason I thought this was a great picture is because of the way it converges in the …

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    Privacy On The Web!


    I take my privacy and security very seriously when talking about going online. I counted a lot of commercial products on my computer but I also have a lot of open source software too.

    The words open, community, and cooperation accurately characterize the open source software community. It is nice …

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    Personal Search Engine


    Using the x-ray goggles provided by a firefox extension, I created my own web browser homepage. Instead of it being “The search engine that never tracks you.” I changed it and wrote Google. Because Google and many other big companies are tracking everyone online to help with advertising and learning …

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    Radio Show Reflection


    On Tuesday I tuned in to listen to ds106 radio. I listened to a show called “A Spy Story”. They incorporated very cool intro music and outro music.

    They had very good use of radio bumpers and good use of background noises and sound effects. Gunshots seemed to be a …

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