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    Radio Show Week 2


    A lot of progress and hard work was put into our radio show this week. Our final product is finally finished.

    The main idea for our radio show was going to be sexespionage but some people in the group decided to do other things. So I decided to start the …

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    Week 7


    This week I focused on collaborating with my group to figure out what our radio show theme will be. We decided to use the theme sexspionage. I made a poster and a bumper for our radio show this week. I found it fun working as a group in coming up …

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    Spy Dating


    In this assignment. My goal was to create a clip of anything I would want to tell a person I just met. That way they could get to know me better and possibly go on a date with me. I used the spy theme in this dating audio to …

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    Sexspionage Poster


    In this assignment my goal was to create a poster for my group’s ds106 radio show. Our group’s theme is sexpionage. So I created the poster below. It wasn’t very difficult because I used a software called canva that allows you to create graphics very easily. I hope to use …

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    Spymate Commercial


    This was a fun assignment. I enjoyed making this commercial and I think it will go well with our radio show that has a sexspionage theme. So I decided to create a commercial about a spy dating website where you can find fellow spies that are looking for a …

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    Radio Show Promo


    Above is a radio show bumper I created for my radio show group. Our main topic in the radio show will be talking about sexspionage. I added some cool explosion sounds to give the radio bumper a cooler affect. I am really excited about creating my own radio show. I …

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    Radio Show Thoughts


    So originally my group had ideas of:

    “sexspionage”: Interesting historical stories we can find of manipulation through intimacy or close friendships. We want to know if spies ever let their emotions compromise their missions. Anonymous online transaction currencies like Bitcoin, technology or the Internet Historical or current events talk show…
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    Week 6


    Week 6 was all about design. I learned about the different aspects of design such as typography, balance, unity, and many other aspects. Design is interesting and I never knew how much thought process and analysis goes into making a design.

    Blog post about The Vignelli Canon.

    Abstract: The Art

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    Bitcoin Word Cloud


    This word cloud was inspired by Bitcoin hitting its all time high in terms of price yesterday. Bitcoin is a digital currency. It is a secure platform through means of cryptography. The created of Bitcoin is an unknown person who goes by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. He created Bitcoin …

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    Keeping Logos Simple


    Today logos surround us everywhere. Every product has a logo. Every website has a logo. Every sports team has a logo. So how can you make your logo stand out? Well one idea is to keep your logo simple that relates to your product.

    An example of this is the …

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    My Encryption Method


    I find encryption and cryptography fascinating. Without encryption our computer systems would be insecure today. Also bitcoin uses cryptography to function as a digital currency. Bitcoin is the first digital currency that was created in 2009. If you haven’t heard of Bitcoin you should research it.

    Here is my encrypted …

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    Design Blitz


    The pictures below are from the design blitz. Each of them show an aspect of design. This was an interesting exercise. I actually stopped and looked at objects and analyzed how they were designed. I encourage others to do the same.


    As you can see the FIJI water bottle …

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    Abstract: The Art of Design


    In this Netflix series I noticed a lot about common design principles. Designers strive to have performance and durability in their designs. They want their designs to help others.

    I noticed many of the designers on the Netflix series liked to draw or were good at drawing. They used drawing …

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    The Vignelli Canon


    I read The Vignelli Canon by Massimo Vignelli. Which talks about various aspects of graphic design. I liked it a lot and it provided me with many details on what techniques to utilize to become a better graphic designer. Some http://sebenaler.info/wp-admin/post.php?post=125&action=editexamples of the topics he covers is semantics, pragmatics, discipline, …

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    Week 5 was Live


    This week was all about audio. This was one of my favorite weeks so far in ds106. I never knew how to edit audio and create my own edited mp3 files. It was a lot of fun. I learned how to mash different sound effects together to create a story. …

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    Radio Show Ideas


    Some radio show ideas I have are:

    A show that talks about bitcoin and upcoming news about bitcoin A show that talks about past real life spies A current events radio show Technology and the Internet Saving money and investing A radio show where you interview different people each time…
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    Spam Audio


    This is a spam email I received on my umw email account. I usually receive many of these spam emails and you can easily tell it is fake and spam. Never click on random links from spam emails or you will get your email account hacked.

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    Radio Show


    I thought it was cool to listen to the radio show. I liked the performance and how the events took place. I look forward to hearing more about the ds106 radio show.…

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    Moon Crash


    Listening to¬† Moon Graffiti¬† was very interesting and cool. I thought it was really cool to think about what would have happened if we crashed going to the moon. And to think about the legacy they were leaving behind. It was really interesting to hear them talk as if they …

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    Week 4 Was Not a Bore


    Week four was all about digital storytelling and how visuals can create a feeling inside of others or we can use visuals to make people feel a certain way.

    Here is a blog post that talks about the visuals of storytelling. I learned a few new tricks I can use …

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    This is a quote from my secret agent character. His reasoning behind this quote is that A.W. is high stakes person, he loves being risky especially when it pays off with a huge reward!

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    This is my first photoblitz. It was pretty fun trying to think of the different pictures I was going to take before the time ran out. What made this photblitz interesting was that I tried to do the first thing that came to my mind instead of trying to make …

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    Shoulders of Giants


    I really think this quote is motivational and it tells us few things. One, as a person we don’t need to know everything or do everything from the start. We can use what are predecessors have taught us to achieve even more for mankind.

    Two, when you have success in …

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    As this person looks at his shadow he feels empty inside. He is tired and sad. He drops to his knees and asks God to help him through this terrible time. He asks God for forgiveness for his past sins he has committed.

    When I look at this picture I …

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    Happily Married


    This happily married couple just got done from a day of horse back riding along the beach. They are on their honeymoon and as the sun sets they go to kiss each other.

    My thought process for doing this was to describe a story where a man and woman are …

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