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    Still shots from Kingsman


    I am going to analyze a few photos from Kingsman and see if I can identify things such as selection, contrast, perspective, depth, balance, moment, lighting, and foreground/background in the still photos below.

    In this photo you can see the use of perspective, depth, lighting, and foreground/background being used. The …

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    Visuals of Storytelling


    Normally I do not take many photographs and I do not really think about different aspects of photography when snapping a picture. I usually just take the photo and that’s it. I don’t think about it more than that.

    After reviewing some of the resources about being a better photographer

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    3rd Week Peek


    The third week in #ds106 was a great week. I accomplished a lot of tasks. One of the tasks I accomplished was creating a dossier of my secret agent which can be found here. The hardest part about this was being creative and coming up with a secret agent profile. …

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    History of Me


    Nicholas Sebenaler went to college in 2013. He went to a college named University of Mary Washington located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. He went to UMW to study computer science and become a computer science major. He enjoyed spending his college time programming, reading, and hanging out with friends. When he …

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    Haiku About You


    I am a spy man

    I am a high risk taker

    I am a coder

    Above is a haiku I wrote about my new secret agent. His code name is A.W. He is a high risk taker and he like programming.…

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    Role Model


    The person I admire and look to as a role model is Warren Buffet. He is one of the richest men in the world yet he is one of the humblest. He still drives an everyday car and has lived in the same house in Nebraska. I also admire his …

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    A Warm Smile is Testimony of a Generous Nature


    A warm smile shot over A.W.’s face as he realized that he just cracked the encryption to a database he has been trying to hack for the past two weeks. A.W. has a mission to search the database for clues on where an assailant is hiding. He just completed step …

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    This post will be about the secret agent I have created.

    My secret agent’s name is Alex Whales but his code name is A.W. He is 22 years old and is from Woodbridge, VA. When A.W. is not on a top secret mission he can usually be found in the …

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    Stories have Interesting Features


    A lot of stories and movies have the same kind of plot. It starts out with a plot that has a fairly well off person or character. Then something terrible happens to this person. This makes you feel sorry for them. After some time this character does something heroic or …

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    What Makes a Spy Movie?


    Of course there are different flavors of spy fiction and the characteristics that make up different spy movies are all a little different. But there are some characteristics they all have in common. Which include, risk taking, money, gambling, action, being suspenseful, and violence.

    Also I want to talk about …

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    Week 2 Adventures


    This has been a fun and exciting week in #ds106. I am becoming more creative and I am not worried about making a masterpiece, just a little bit of art each and everyday. I really enjoyed doing the daily creates! They are fun and aren’t very time consuming. Here are …

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    Lounging in the Casino


    I was playing some craps at the craps table when all of a sudden I saw him. The guy who has been tracking me. I quickly tried to hide but his crew and him saw me. They dashed after me, I had to run across a blackjack table. And escape …

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    Gratitude Makes a Difference


    Gratitude is an essential characteristic to have. It allows you to have a positive outlook on life instead of a negative outlook. I am usually a very negative person and I don’t tend to look at the positives in my life. I wanted to do this exercise to help myself …

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    Spy Fiction – Fast Life


    Spy Fiction is an intriguing and exciting genre. I think this will be a great genre for ds106. My favorite variety is Martini Flavored. I like this genre because it portrays the fast life which is fun to watch in a movie. I like the high-risk casino games and the …

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    Being Yourself

    Share your creativity!

    The above link is all about sharing your creativity and being yourself.

    In Austin Kleon’s post above, I have to agree on what he is sharing. He is speaking from his heart that to be great we must put in the work, take criticism, and teach what …

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    Social Media


    My first tweet!

    Hi everyone! I just joined #ds106!

    — Nicholas Sebenaler (@NickSebenaler) January 20, 2017

    Checkout this large mouth bass I caught!

    Bill Gates:

    Aaron Lewis – “Country Boy”

    I hope everyone enjoys some of these posts!…

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