1. nicmasontech

    That Foley Assignment


    For this Assignment, rated 4 stars. I had to mute the audio track on this section of ‘The Lions Cage’.

    I used Adobe Premiere Pro for this, (as usual). It’s the easiest to use and also gives me the ability to remove the audio too. Once the audio was muted …

  2. nicmasontech

    Unit 9 Summary Blog


    Within this review, I’m going to talk all things Unit 9.

    First of all, video editing software. I use Adobe Premiere Pro CC when i’m at uni, and Premiere Pro CS6 when i’m at home on my latptop. I have a good understanding and knowledge of the program and have …

  3. nicmasontech

    Daily Creates for Unit 9


    I had to do two daily creates for unit 9. The first one titles ‘Breakfast Selfie’ in which i had to take a photo of breakfast items in the shape of a face, and the second, junk mail, and I had LOADS of this!

  4. nicmasontech

    A bit of Pre-Production


    Video Assignments, just like the web assignments and all the rest. I looked forwards into Unit 10 and saw that I’ll have to complete 16 stars worth of video assignments. Anyway, For this pre-production section in unit 9, I had to choose one of the Video assignment, and JUST do …

  5. nicmasontech

    Do you know about Tyler Durden?


    For this, I am going to analyze this scene from my favorite film, Fight Club, in three different ways. Firstly about the camera work, then the audio track, and then i;m going to put it all together.

    I made notes after watching it with no audio, about the camera work. …

  6. nicmasontech

    Unit 8 Summary Blog


    Unit 8 was good, it was a short unit, and a good unit to get back into the swing of DS106 after taking some time off doing other assignments for my Uni coursework.

    I really enjoyed the web assignments section the most. I was able to do my own thing …

  7. nicmasontech

    Find a Digital Tool.


    “Find a cool, easy to use digital tool online! Write up a brief tutorial on how to use it, and what it can be used for. ” *5 stars*

    Vine Downloader is a really useful online tool that I have used a few times to aid my group project in …

  8. nicmasontech

    Unit 6 Summary Blog


    Overall, this Unit has been OK. It seemed a lot shorter than the other units I have completed? Maybe I worked through this faster, or maybe it just is shorter, I don’t know. I have worked though this unit in the time frame I wanted to as well, which is …

  9. nicmasontech

    Design Safari


    This is my Design Safari for Unit 6. The idea for this task is to read through the assignment document about different design concepts, once this was understood, we would need to go out and take photos of different logos/advertisements etc, and explain them within the constraints of these said …

  10. nicmasontech

    Designing and Redesigning Posters


    For this being the last design assignment, taking me over the recommended 15 stars, I had to redesign a poster incorporating DS106 into it also. I took the famous poster that would normally reads ‘Your Country Needs You’. And I took the DS106 logo from Google and used Adobe Photo …

  11. nicmasontech

    A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing


    This assignment, earning 3 stars, which takes my total now up to 13/15 stars, so one more 2 star assignment will finish this section. For this, I had to combine two major companies logos, both enemies, so I chose Nike and Adidas, which are two HUGE sports companies. I simply …

  12. nicmasontech

    Create your own DS106 Wallpaper


    To be able to design my own DS106 wallpaper, worth 4 stars, bringing my total to 10/15. Two thirds of the way there! All i did with this was find a cool background image from Google that I liked, and using Photo shop, I put the DS106 image on top …

  13. nicmasontech

    Flickr Favorite Team Collage


    For this, rating 2 stars, with my total now up to 6/15. We had to use Flickr and ONLY FLICKR, to search for images of our favourite team and make a collage. By using only Flickr was pretty tricky, as most of the photos I found, I was unable to …

  14. nicmasontech

    Make Your Own List


    For this assignment, rated 4 stars, I had to use Adobe Photoshop to make a collage of all my different favourite products. I sort of took this on in my own style, as I didn’t choose just products, but I did a collage of my favourite things/places/hobbies. It just makes …

  15. nicmasontech

    Unit 5 Summary


    Unit 5 was great. Easily the best and my favorite Unit so far.

    To make my radio group was a bit awkward, as nobody in my class was up to Unit 5 yet, but after a chat, I decided to make a group with two friends in my class who …

  16. nicmasontech



    Photoblitzing. Sound cool, right?

    Well with the task to take a certain amount of photos of different topics and ideas within a fifteen minute period, I knew this one was going to be challenging. I had to take a photo of a timepiece at the start, and at the end.…

  17. nicmasontech

    Where is the Error?


    For this assignment, rating 3.5 stars, which takes me up to 9.5 now; I had to get an image, and manipulate it in such as way that there would be an error in one of them. Just like spot the difference. I simply searched for a image of a computer, …

  18. nicmasontech

    An Album Cover


    For this, DS106 gave me links to different sites. From these I had chosen and image, and quotes, for my album cover. I had specific points within these sites, for example, I had to choose the third image on Flickr for the artwork, then a quote at the bottom of …

  19. nicmasontech

    Splash The Colour


    Splash the Colour was an interesting one. I had to remove the colour from an image and leave some of it in colour. I didnt really have too much inspiration for this particular assignment. As I have seen images like it before, i knew that a butterfly would work for …

  20. nicmasontech

    Unit 4 Reflective Blog


    So this is my final blog for Unit 4; which was all about Audio Storytelling.

    First of all in this unit, we had to watch videos from Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad. When originally watching the videos, I noted down quotes from both which I thought were interesting and useful, …

  21. nicmasontech

    Audio Storytelling


    In the first section of Unit 4, we are asked to watch various videos on audio storytelling, and from watching the experts’ videos, write a reflective blog about these videos, so here it is. Below are my reflective pieces of writing about each video, along with the video itself.

    The …

  22. nicmasontech

    Unit 3 Reflective Blog


    The first section on this unit was What is Storytelling? I wrote a blog post on what I thought storytelling was, without looking up a definition off the internet, just purely what I thought it meant. Also throughout the unit I learnt a lot, not only what storytelling is, but …

  23. nicmasontech

    What is (Digital) Storytelling?


    What is Storytelling?

    Personally, when I think of the word Storytelling; I think about how information, fact or fiction, can be translated to others through the medium of speech, or writing. Storytelling can also be about how we receive information, by listening, by reading a book.

    When I think of …

  24. nicmasontech

    DS106 Unit 2 Reflective Blog


    At the start of unit 2 I was coming in with an open mind, still in the boot camp stage of DS106 and not really knowing what to expect. All in all, I have enjoyed Unit 2 a lot more than the first unit of the course. I have found …

  25. nicmasontech

    DS106 Unit 1 reflective blog


    Within this blog I am going to discuss my time starting Unit 1 of the DS106 online course. In no particular order, I am going to talk about my reflection of the ‘What is Art?’ videos and what they made me think about and how I think about the course, …

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