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    This…Isn’t…the End!!!


    This is actually saying quite a bit for me (and by no means am I trying to be pompous about this), but for the first time in a while, I actually felt like I learned something out of an English course! The improvements in my writing came from the fact …

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    This DS106 Website…


    First off, I highly appreciate what this site is accomplishing–it’s a fantastic and creative tool for learning. I’m surprised at the versatile amount of projects that people have come up with and they all use a wide array of different types of software and editing techniques. It’s also nice to …

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    Drum Corps International


    I knew that I was going to get around to this subject eventually! There are always people who don’t know about this activity, which is why I love telling people about it. Drum Corps International (DCI) is a professional activity that’s been taking place since 1972. I’ve spent my fair …

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    "Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?"


    Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? It’s the situation where you come across a person that you’re almost certain that you’ve seen somewhere before but can’t quite place where. Believe it or not, there’s a deeper explanation for that scenario. You’re aware of your long-term and short-term …

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    Bye Bye, Bias.


    What’s the opposite of being controversial? It’s called, being objective. Being objective turns out to be a key quality in order to actually provide a sound argument. What I mean is that it’s the difference between being one of those people who say, “OH MY GOD THERE SHOULD BE PRAYER …

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    Writing Focus: "You sure use some stuffy language, bleh…"


    Here’s something that I don’t think that a lot of people legitimately have a problem with, but it’s something I personally address all of the time: getting lost in big words. People like accreditation, yes? The problem comes when you’re fumbling through a thesaurus trying to find the largest, four-syllable synonym you…
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    Classroom Challenge: Group Work


    Now, HERE’S something that we all have to face at some point or another–group work. I’m going to be incredibly frank about this: I do not prefer group work at all. I’m a lone wolf in this type of situation. Yet, that sort of viewpoint wouldn’t help me in an …

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    Writing Focus, Part II: Getting Motivated


    Another aspect of writing that I’ve been dealing with is actually getting motivated to write in the first place. I’ve found that one of the hardest (if not THE hardest) thing about writing simply is getting started! It lies in the uncertainty about to start the entire project. It’s also known as …

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    Writing Focus, Part I: Being Universal.


    Do you remember when you were sitting in English class (or even a history class) back in high school and you received that dreaded research paper that was on someone that you could seriously care less about? Those were some of the hardest papers I’ve ever had to write. Why, …

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    (Non-EH 101 Related Blogger Post)


    The weather’s changing..and it’s making feel a little offset. I have a lot of random thoughts floating around and since Tumblr isn’t up at the moment, I guess I’ll write here.

    First off, for whatever reason, not a single person that I’ve ever dated has ever pulled for me in …

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    Asking the Right Questions.


    As a writer, one of things that I personally try to strive for is simply to entertain. Yet, there are so many aspects to writing that are involved with being an entertaining writer. For example, there’s a rather essential question that I need to ask myself: how can I ensure

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    A Rule That I Find Difficult to Abide By.


    According to Vonnegut’s rules, honestly, rule #2 is the hardest for me to follow. It’s mainly because of the fact that I’m incredibly long-winded, however, I still stay relevant–I always find my way back to the subject without getting too sidetracked. Yet, I get sidetracked in the first place and that’s

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