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    80’s Pictures, Whats really in them?


    Photography has been around for hundreds of years and has improved over time and technology. There are some basic rules that can be followed to create a better picture. As stated in the blog below the pictures should include:

    become picky with taking photos contrast helps make the story personal…
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    I enjoy taking photos, whether or not they are worthy photos to take I enjoy the art of taking them. While I do not know a lot about how to take good photos, I am excited to explore that this week and use what I already know to make my …

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    Weekly Summary 3


    I have to say by now I am starting to get used to blogging and these assignments. While they are all very time consuming I am starting to enjoy them and getting to pick the ones I want to complete. This week has been better for me I was able …

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    Cute Little Chipmunks


    As I wake up in the morning from my night of sleep I catch a glimpse of this creature. I was just sleeping in a nice soft tree and this creature on two legs comes walking by my tree. I popped out of the tree and looked around, it was …

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    Veggie Burger? Is it worth it?


    Lunch today was interesting to say the least. I got tired of eating pizza so I went and got a veggie burger. While I am not a vegetarian (far from it) I heard good times about it and figured I should try it. I ordered the burger with ketchup, mayo, …

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    Bucket List?


    Most people can come up with a bunch of things they want to do before they die. I am grateful and feel lucky that I have already accomplished some of the items that would be on my bucket list. With that being said, I am going to make a bucket …

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    Dear Future Husband,


    By the time you are hopefully reading this we would have been married for 1 month already. I hope it feels like time flies when we are together. I am so thankful to have found someone as special as you. You are the person that I can run to with …

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    Week 2 Summary


    This week has been good for me overall. I’m realizing this class is not going to be what I expected but I think I will continue to learn a lot from taking this class. I passed the point of dropping it because it seemed like to much work, and decided …

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    I am definitely a music lover, I can sit around all day and just listen to music. Music has always connected me with my emotions better than I could do in words. I use music to convey my feelings and get through some tough times. This assignment really spoke to …

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    “Music is Healing” ~ FGL


    I thought long and hard about which assignment would work best for me and I would enjoy and learn the most from. I choose to do an assignment that was inserting myself into a concert from the assignment bank. I chose Florida Georgia Line because they are a band that …

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    What is an emergency? 9-1-1


    Everyone has a different view of what could be an emergency. I have worked in first response for a little while and what some people view as en emergency I look at like daily issues or just another day at the office.

    This assignment is to kind of to make …

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    “Oops I did it again” -Brittany Spears


    Daily Challenge for 9/1/19

    This daily challenge was to tell of a time when I broke something was not mine.

    I am a clumsy person that has a tendency to get into things. One time I was still in elementary school and I got a hold of my mother’s dresser …

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    Weekly Summary


    So this week has been very unexpected in terms of course work and life. This course is already different than what I was expecting it to be like. I thought of myself as a somewhat tech savvy person until I was asked to make all of this social media I …

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    The 80’s still relevant?


    The overall theme from the 80’s seems to be the changing of social norms and what is acceptable. According to the Netflix documentary the 80’s a lot has changed. This was a generation that was raised with televisions in the home to watch and the losing of the fireside chats …

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    Introduction to DS 106


    Hello All, Hope everyone’s first day of classes are going well. My name is Sophia Romano and I am a senior at UMW. I’m in their 5 year masters for education program and psychology department. This will be my first ever online class so naturally I’m curious how it will …

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