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    First Blog Post of the New Year

    Jan 3, 2022,

    Just spent 4 hours making that emulator for the old Halo so I can port it to Google Glass 4. The graphical overlay for the aug reality engine was changed to a higher rez.  Then I had to recalibrate the …

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    Mash Up


    This is the “consumer mash up” assignment. You incorporate your favorite product into the logo of the store you purchase it from.

    I shop at Aeon. It’s this sort of department store that also sells groceries. They have an imported foods section that sells these frozen Italian pizzas that …

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    I Can Read Movies


    I did the ds106 assignment “I can read movies” where you create cover art for a book adaptation for a  film you like. One of my favorite movies is the 1995 Japanese animation film “Ghost in the Shell“. It deals with cybernetics, existentialism and some badass robot fights. …

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    A Whole New World


    A large mutated Chihuahua washed up on a beach this morning. A photograph captured the lazy animal in the South Pacific preparing to doze off.  Mutant Chihuahuas continue to plague the region after their release by crazed criminal master mind Dr.Novotny. Local authorities are preparing to remove the animal with …

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    The sentence I found the most appealing in the Gardner Campbell article was:

    “Environments are not passive wrappings but active processes. . . . The ‘message’ of any medium or technology is the change of scale or pace or pattern that it introduces into human affairs.”

    This very succinctly summarized …

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    Game Changer


    Allied News-Stream Network

    Border War Update

    Dallaustin, Texas

    Paranoia and desperation are running through the American South. Since the start of hostilities with the Republic of Mexico, tens of thousands of Southerners have been displaced. The refugee situation has worsened in the Mid West and Northern states since the advance …

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    I am writing a blog post about the Rutgers cyber bullying case as reported by CIS class student Alison.

    A Rutgers student, Dharun Ravi, set up a webcam in order to spy on his roommate, Tyler Clementi, who was conducting a homosexual relationship in their shared dorm room. He streamed …

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    Privacy Arms Race


    Google, Twitter and Facebook are mining our data. Our data is taken and sold to advertising companies who then can create highly specialized advertisements based on our personal interests as suggested by the contents of your online accounts. This information can range from email addresses in your gmail account …

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    Sprawl City


    I like this image. It’s suggesting that if you take suburban sprawl into account, then US cities are more massive than is popularly believed. I think it’s really cool. I like the idea of a gigantic mega city spanning from Boston to Atlanta. The setting in the Gibson book Neuromancer …

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    Old Kansai


    Caption – “Ronin mercenaries track down known cattle russler T. Wright Hickens. He was arrested  on charges of kidnapping, extortion, russlin cattle and uncivilized barbarism.”

    This is the Culture Clash assignment where you show how two cultures would mix. I thought it would be funny to do a picture with …

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    16 Bit Dreams



    I did the Your Dreams Out the Window assignment. I wanted to do something fantastical with pyramids in a jungle on the coast. It came out looking more like a 16bit video game landscape. You got polygons, jaggies and animation sprites. You can almost hear the Mario World …

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    Midterm Activity


    Vegetable Platter

    This is a picture of some good fried chow. Got to get your vegetables in some how! When I do this, my wife decries my zealous overuse of ketchup, something  she is not fond of.  It was photographed by our dedicated professor at scottloradio . It is a …

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    Black Hole


    I did the Banner assignment where you design and make a new banner for your word press. For this assignment I used Gimp to make a little spacey image of Jupiter and Mars with a nebula annihilating black hole in the back ground

    For Jupiter I used the elliptical tool …

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    Web 2.0


    ) For the end user, how is the experience of Web 2.0 different from web 1.0?

    Web 2.0 is a term that attempts to make a distinction between two eras of the internet. The Web 1.0, content  was generated solely by corporations and marketers. Webpages and videos were static displays …

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    Pirate movies


    The DMCA, or Digital Millennium Copyright Act, was signed into law in 1998. It’s scope is to criminalize the copying and dissemination of  material that does not financially compensate  the creator of that material. This is known as pirating and can include films, albums, video games and computer software.

    Pirating …

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    Adachi. Outskirts of Tokyo. Old and filthy. Unforgivable sins in the city of the sleek and the new. Large arcade, full of acrid smoke. Tobacco scented. Lights dim. Late night. Everyone focused, numb and obsessed. Lanky geeks, sweaty schizoids, forlorn losers. Oblivious to the passage of time.  Atmospheric electronic thumping …

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    Internet Addiction


    The proliferation of Internet usage is widely evident.  Simple to use social media sites like facebook and twitter have hundreds of millions of users around the world. But is the extended amount of time people spend on-line unhealthy?  I’ll be focusing on the header and first three points of this …

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    Warp Space


    I’ve routinely been in contact with a group of extraterrestrials called Rigelians. They’re from star system Ceti Alpha Six. They chose me for trial experiments in the implantation of inter-dimensional communication devices in  human brains for when they come to conquer Earth (don’t tell anyone). At first  I was unwilling …

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    Daily Create: Warp Core


    This is my first Daily Create. Its the sound of the faster than light engine that propels starships. Its one of my favorite sounds. It’s very soothing. I first heard it when the Rigelians of Rigel V abducted me for study. I maintain mental contact with them through an implant …

  20. Novotny

    J. C. R. Licklider: Computing’s Johnny Appleseed


    John Carl Robnett Licklider was a preeminent multi-disciplinary engineer.  He demonstrated engineering abilities at an early age. He enjoyed building model airplanes and refurbishing old cars. In 1937 he attended Washington University in St Louis and triple majored in psychology, physics and mathematics. He went on to attain a PhD …

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    Vocaloids: Gateway to Geekery


    Why it’s Daunting:

    For fans of the William Gibson novel “Idoru”, her rise was foreseen. She topped the charts with a number two album in 2009 and a number one single on iTunes in 2012.  Her name in Miku Hatsune, and she is a Vocaloid. Vocaloids are synthetic music software …

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    Smicropus: An Album Cover


    Smicropus was an alternative alt rock band from suburban Dallas. They formed in the summer of 1991, the greatest summer of 90′s suburban Texas alternative rock ever. Upon completion of their first tri-city east Texas tour they debuted their first record to be like other people.  Their graphic designer was …

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    Neo Tokyo


    This is my first DS 106 assignment. I chose it so I could  play with the image editor, Gimp. It was a good experience. It can do just about everything Photoshop can. I took an image of the city from the film Akira and adjusted the contrast and saturation to …

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    Alan Turing: The Father of Modern Computer Science


    Alan Turing was absolutely one of the most brilliant scientists of the 20th century. Born in London in 1912, Turing showed early signs of genius. His aptitude in mathematics and science were at odds with the British education systems focus on classical literature and his teachers insisted that he wouldn’t …

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    My internets


    I’ve spent quite a few years on the net passively absorbing news articles, youtube videos and meme photos. I wouldn’t characterize myself as a person who was very knowledgeable about  computers or programming. But I kind of feel that I should be, especially given how much time I spent on …

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