1. nstringer

    Final Project


    For the final project I decided to do it on the Disney/Pixar movie, “Ratatouille”
    I wanted to put a spin on it and create the final digital piece based on the creation of Ratatouille 2.

    We will be accepting application for a new furry mouse to play Remy. Remy has …

  2. nstringer

    What is Digital Storytelling.. now?


    Back in week 3, I though digital storytelling was:

    Now my thoughts about digital story telling has changed…
    I see Digital Story telling as the use of programs/applications (ie: Imovie, SoundCloud, etc) as a way to create something, recreate something that resembles you, and share it on public forums. Digital …

  3. nstringer

    Summary – Weeks 13/14


    The last two weeks of DS106, were fairly laid back. Last week I submitted my final project idea, which I am getting anxious to start. This week I enjoyed the mashups. I felt that it was very similar to the work that I had been doing for the last several …

  4. nstringer

    Assignment Idea


    During Audio week, I suggested a daily create assignment that was to take your favorite song and add sound effects to it. If I do recall correctly, I did end up seeing this as an option for out daily creates. I chose this because I thought it would be interesting …

  5. nstringer

    Actor Transformation


    For 4 of my 7 stars of MashupAssignments, I chose ‘Actor Transformation‘.
    I thought that this would be a challenging project but fun at the same time. It is always intriguing to see how stars develop and grow/shrink their career with the time. I thought that this was …

  6. nstringer

    RemixThis Summary


    My understanding of remix and mashups, after watching the video was simply taking an existing audio/video and adding your own twist to it.
    After watching Disney Describing Copyright, you can see remixing at its best! The creator of this video did an awesome job of combining multiple movies to share …

  7. nstringer

    Summary 11 & 12


    Wow. I can not believe that we are approaching the end of the semester; it has flown by!!

    The past 2 weeks have been combined into one entry and we have focused on video. I found this to be one of the funner weeks of DS106. I enjoyed actually learning …

  8. nstringer



    For my last two stars assignment, I chose “framed”
    I was to take a 2 minute video and find a frame within, that summarized the entire video.
    When I saw this as an assignment, I wanted to take a movie trailer to do this to. I wanted to choose a …

  9. nstringer

    5 Second Film


    This Assignment is “5 Second Film
    I chose to take a movie and make a summary in 5 seconds for 3 stars.
    I thought to myself, what movie that doesn’t have a lot going on in it, can I take and take short clips and have someone tell …

  10. nstringer

    Animated Music Video


    I chose “Animated Music Video” for 4 stars.
    The task was to create a video of clips from a cartoon/anime show and put your own music to it.

    My choice of cartoon was the infamous, Tom and Jerry. Who didn’t grow up watching Tom and Jerry? Everyone did! …

  11. nstringer

    Supercut It


    I choose “Supercut it” for 5 of the 16 stars.
    After reading over the “supercut it” assignment examples all I could think about was the exclusive jersey shore after-show clips. The one thing I saw repetitively was Deena and Snooki falling; regardless of their sobriety. Here is the …

  12. nstringer

    Week 10 Summary


    I am excited for the coming weeks of video editing, etc. I have never used these tools that were mentioned on ds106.us, however I have always wanted to try to put a video together using imovie, on my mac. It’s exciting to now learn how to use this application and …

  13. nstringer

    Daily Creates 10


    What photo makes me feel old?

    This was taken on Friday night, November 2, 2012. This is me and my (former) neighbor on  senior night, the last high school football game. We were neighbors for as long as I have been living in virginia, 13 years. When we moved in …

  14. nstringer

    Look, Listen, Analyze


    The video that I analyzed was from the 3rd hyperlink, video #52.

    When I solemnly looked at the video, without sound, I cam up with the following observations.

    Dark lighting Camera views are constantly changing Camera focuses away from pencil when the actions goes down Camera focuses primarily on the…
  15. nstringer

    Week 9


    Our radio shows were overall really good. I enjoyed listening to others’ shows and ours. I was kind of upset that some of our recording had this awful echoing… but overall, our show was awesome. I tried to get people to listen to DS106- Though, I don’t know how many …

  16. nstringer

    Daily Creates


    This story is about my weekend…

    This weekend I decided to sell my most valuable possesion,
    (Daily Create- Valuable Possession)
    It all came about after I decided I wanted something that was brand new and… my job promotion definitely helped… While I car shopped that last 2-weeks, dealers were low-balling …

  17. nstringer



    I took the radio bumper from weeks ago and edited the music around the bumper, making the song out of sequence to how it was produced. I enjoyed working around the different clips and making it flow together.

  18. nstringer

    Daily Create 2-Week Combo


    One thing that means a lot to me is, My Dog!

    Kahlua is a 7-year old Chocolate Lab. She probably means more to me now that ever because she moved with my parents to SC. So I basically havent seen her in 3-months. We bought her and her sister when …

  19. nstringer

    2-fer Week


    Wow! What a huge accomplishment! It doesn’t even feel like we are half-way through the semester. The past 2-weeks have been solely focused on our radio projects. My group chose Road trip Radio. I thought that we did a phenomenal job at working together to create something that accurately reflects …

  20. nstringer

    Recycled Media


    For the recycled media portion, I wasn’t quite sure what kind of media was being requested from us. I included my GIF of the Joker, I included one of the audio projects where I took lyrics from a jason mraz song and made the decorative, I also included the repeating …

  21. nstringer



    For one of the audio assignment I chose to take a song and make it sound like a chip-munk. I chose “Birthday Song” by 2 Chainz. I cleanly edited the lyrics so nothing vulgar was recorded. To make the voice sound like a chipmunk i went to effects and changed …

  22. nstringer

    Radio Show Reflection


    Our group, Roadtrip Radio, thoroughly had fun meeting up and getting our show put together. For about 2-weeks we have just been putting all of our thoughts on a google document so that when we met we would know what we wanted to say. I think Kiersten started the word …

  23. nstringer

    Week 6 Analysis


    This week in DS106 was the start of the radio show with our groups. We created a google doc to discuss the different things we wanted to do. I found that working on google doc was much more convenient than canvas… I tend to not check canvas regularly.. My group …

  24. nstringer



    Here is an example of:


    This photo was taken in at my grandparents house in Tennessee. This was a wall mural that was hand painted my a local artist whom my grandparents employed in their business for a short while. It is a painting from Downtown Knoxville near the …

  25. nstringer

    15-Stars Assignment


    Use your own font to express lyrics:

    I chose this set of lyrics from Jason Mrazs’ song, I won’t give up. This is an extremely nice song and has a lot of meaning it to it. If you have never heard the song before, it is about never giving up …

  26. nstringer

    Daily Creates


    My titles:

    I am not an avid reader, The only titles that I enjoy reading are about business, money, entrepreneurs and business mans autobiography. In particular, Robert Kiyosaki, a hawaiian business man, is the writer of this series, Rich Dad Poor Dad. The book in particular is about becoming financially …

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