1. Simone Wallace

    Breakup iTunes Song


    I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do for my assignment this week. I wanted to do something a little different, but i really wasn’t sure what to do. I found this assignment in the visual assignments, and after I read more about the assignment I thought to …

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    So, for my first DS106 assignment I created my own assignment. Originally I was planning to do the Defamilurize assignment, but today when I was taking pictures of my boyfriend I got a photo of his eyes. I don’t think I have ever seen such unique eyes. People think our …

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    I am extremely excited about this DS106 class. It seems likea great way for a lot of people to do really well in this class. I feel itcaters to the needs of every student. You can choose what assignment you do anddo that assignment how you want. Everyone has a…
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    What was it like when we didn’t have itty-bitty cell phones, orcomputers that we could carry around in our backpacks? How did we survive? It’sa question I often ask myself. We were a generation that grew up in the midstof a t technology revolution. We wonder how people ever lived…
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    A lot of people say you have to gothrough things that you don’t enjoy to get to the things that you doenjoy. Just recently I have fell victim to this. Doing things that Ido not enjoy to be able to do those things that I have a passion for. As…
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    Every artist needs inspiration as doesevery author. I would know. I am a photographer and a painter. I havealways been artistic in my own way. Ever since I was little I knewwhat I wanted to do when I got older. When I was little I thought Itwas all about pretty…
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    I never enjoyed school. NEVER. Not inelementary school, not in m middle school, and defiantly not in highschool. I hated getting up early, getting on the bus, sitting inclass hour after hour after hour. It felt like pure torture. Eighthours a day, every single day except Saturday and Sunday. I…
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    Essay Erosion


    My My teacher for my western civ class only gives out three tests a semester, so you have to do good on all of these tests to be able to pass the class. He also does powerpoint slides, with very little information. You have to listen to him and write …

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    Personality Profile


    How do the people in your group affect the outcome of yourwork? As I stated in my last post about group work, I don’t enjoyit. I worry about how the others will do working in the group. There are somepeople who help in the group and then there are those…
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    Concerns in the Class.


    My main concern in this class is working with groups. I amnot keen on working in groups. I feel like I work a lot better by myself. I don’tfeel like my grade should be a refection of others work ethic. I have been in positionswhere working in groups have been…
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    How has literature influenced my writing?

    How have writing styles influenced my writing ?
    In the past I never enjoyed writing. Ihad always hated it, until I  met my eleventh grade English teacher. Shetaught us the importance of different styles of writing and literature. Ibelieve that literature influences everyone who writes. Every author has hadsome sort…
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    Its so hard to write about a topic unless you are really interested in it. And when you have nothing to write, its hard to fill a paper.  The problem i am going to have to overcome is rambling. You just go on and on, on a subject you pretend

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