1. number1fio

    The Weakest Week


    I named this the weakest week because I didn’t finish one of my assignments and rushed a little towards the end.

    I really enjoyed the video editing lesson. I think my version of the Untamable Tamer turned out ok however I would have liked to add music to it too. …

  2. number1fio

    The Untamable Tamer


    I was inspired to create the Untamable Tamer  because it looked like Charlie was trying to pick up a lady while he was locked in a cage. Who else would do that! I figured if I made it look like we wanted to be there and was using the lion …

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    I completed the assignment why so serious because it sounded really fun. I used a song about montages from Team America World Police and added it to the famous montage scene in Rocky. It’s spot on and really funny. The song is only 80 second long and the video clip …

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    I See if From a Different Angle


    I’m going to have a hard time disproving Ebert here so I won’t even try.  I think the notion of that moving right is forward and favorable and left is in the past and less so is true in almost everything we do. A clock rotates to the right and …

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    And that’s a wrap – the final project summary


    I’m generally a fairly creative person but I was having trouble coming up with my big idea all semester. What can I say, I work well under pressure. I will milling through ideas and started thinking of things that would really draw people in, what we can all related to, …

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    Bring It On: Fight to the Finish – Week 5


    In case you haven’t noticed by now I try to name my weekly summary titles after movies. OK, I didn’t do that for week one but did for all the other weeks. This being the fifth week I had to name if after the fifth movie in a series. Surprisingly …

  7. number1fio

    Can I Take your Order?


    I selected this week’s assignment because it has to do with food and because it sounded funny. The assignment I selected was pretend i’m ordering food at McDonalds in an accent that is different than mine. I’m not great at accents so I slightly changed the assignment and did not …

  8. number1fio

    Foley Proof – The Lion Sleeps Tonight


    If you’d like to hear my foley click on the place button. I’ll provide the making of story below.

    I had fun doing this assignment. I’m a night owl and planned to work on it last night when my husband was sleeping but thought better or it and decided he …

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    The Champ


    I developed The Champ, a story of a boxing match as told by sounds and no narration for several reasons.Click the play button to listen to The Champ.

    I thought the story would be easy to follow. Boxing does not require much narration to understand and has a very simple …

  10. number1fio

    The Big Cheese


    I created a short new story about the Wisconsin Dairy Council’s response to the California happy cows ad campaign called the The Big Cheese. Press the play button to listen to the big cheese.

    I wrote it because I thought it was funny and because I remember thinking about the …

  11. number1fio

    When life gives you lemons, grow an apple lemon bush.


    This is the second of the visual assignments I’ve completed for week three. I was looking at red images for my last assignment including roses, barns, and apples because I think red is a powerful color. That made me think about apples and agriculture, specifically bushes. Then I thought, would …

  12. number1fio

    The Story Behind the Picture Perfect Gallery


    I really enjoyed this activity, in fact so much so that I spent 25 minutes on it instead of 15 – whoops. I selected taking photos in and around my condo because it is convenient and has a mix of different areas of explore. I considered going to the park …

  13. number1fio

    Picture Perfect


    Photo of when hunt began


    Photo of a bright light

    Is that really a photo?

    Photo of inanimate object looking alive

    Photo that uses converging lines to draw us into the photo

    Photo that represents a metaphor for complexity

    photo dominated by a single color

    Photo that represents joy…

  14. number1fio

    Feedback on Feedback


    It’s been interesting to see my other classmate’s blogs. I think I’m being a little overly detailed perhaps but I’ve always been a little too wordy for my own good.

    I found that most of the posts I read were very relatable and I had similar reactions to the other …

  15. number1fio

    A story you can really sink your teeth into


    I have a confession to make. I love Taco Bell. Recently they ran a campaign to market their new XXL Steak Crispy Taco using NBA star Nate Robinson. In the words of a this former Marketing Major, I’m fairly certain I’m not in the target market for this product but …

  16. number1fio

    Final Project Idea Initial Ideas


    Final Project Idea

    I have a few general notions. I don’t think it should be anything that’s a step-by step procedure such as a recipe or manual. I think it should be something that that audience needs to be persuaded to perform or chose one option over another, more or …

  17. number1fio

    Once upon a time…


    What is storytelling?

    The concept of storytelling is as old at man. For centuries men have used storytelling as a means to share their experiences with others as well as to explain the word around them. I admit this description was given to me by a history teacher in high …

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