1. Oddjordany

    Second Annual Tree Giveaway


    On Sunday May 20, 2012 the Four Borough Neighborhood Preservation Alliance Foundation held their second annual tree giveaway. The event took place in MacDonald park, located in Forest Hill, Queens. Toyota as it’s lead sponsor, the Four Borough Neighborhood Preservation Alliance Foundation teamed up with MillionTreesNYC and New York Restoration …

  2. Oddjordany

    Jim Groom’s Archiving Reflection Post


    Jim Groom talks about the importance or archive. I found his lecture  extremely useful because he tells a lot about the future of technology. First off, archive is like any of your work stored somewhere. It can be as simple as a notebook or as advance as the internet. If …

  3. Oddjordany

    DS106 Final Project “Where’s My Money”


    I always wanted to experiment with voice over animations, so why not do it with my favorite anime and cartoon. It took a while to get use to iMovie but I managed to figure it out. What I did was a lot of blading, which basically means moving around the …

  4. Oddjordany

    CUNY Weeks 13 to 15 – Final Stretch


    I absolutely loved Communication technology course. It was exactly what I thought it would be when I first registered. First off, I got a cool ass teacher, who was recommended to me. Second, the assignments are fun! I got to meet new people throughout the web with DS106, The daily …

  5. Oddjordany

    Web 2.0


    ” Seven Things You Should Know About Creative Commons”   and “What is Web 2.0?” was a pretty long, boring, but interesting topic. From what I read and watched, web 2.0 is suppose to be more approachable for everyone to access. I knew stuff already like Bit-torrent, and all but I …

  6. Oddjordany

    Gospel Temple Church Of God: Trayvon Martin


    On Sunday April 29, 2012 the Gospel Temple Church Of God held an event in honor of Trayvon Martin, who was killed by a neighborhood watch captain named George Zimmerman in February 26, 2012. The church located at 172 Decatur St., Brooklyn NY, held by Ron Harris

    performed a couple …

  7. Oddjordany

    DS106 Final Project Idea


    For the final, I am thinking about continuing and improving the assignment we did in class with the 4 movies 4 seconds. I found that assignment fun, and didn’t get a chance to improve it. Another assignment I am thinking about doing is the one with the Xtranormal animation. I …

  8. Oddjordany

    No Justice! No Peace!


    On Thursday April 5, 2012 In York College, we were joined by the Stand Up Activism group who each gave amazing presentations about minority rights around the world. They spoke about the Trayvon Martin case, and how corrupt society is with all the hate crime going on. They spoke about …

  9. Oddjordany

    Todd Maisel


    On Tuesday February 28 Todd Maisel, photographer for the daily news made an appearance to York College. Todd’s visit was greatly appreciated for I found his presentation very interesting. He spoke about the dangers and  excitements of being a photographer. Todd lives one busy life. He has a police …

  10. Oddjordany



    This is the “Cartoon The Head” DS106 Assignment. I really enjoyed this assignment, and what we have here is Eric Cartman from the show ‘South Park’ in the body of an officer enjoying his donuts. If you are familiar with the show then you get where I am going with …

  11. Oddjordany

    One Story/ Four Icons


    This is the one story four icon assignment that is worth three stars. This was a fun assignment to do. SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER ALERT. I am going to say what the 4 icons mean, although the caption kinda gives it away. January is usually the beginning of the semester where …

  12. Oddjordany



    This picture was taken at Mill Basin, Located near Bergen beach. This is actually an old picture token just before we were leaving for Orlando Florida. The green building you see over there is actually a restaurant. The rest of the crew needed directions to our place so I try …

  13. Oddjordany

    Professional Photographer

    This is a an assignment for DS106 where we had to caption a meme on a photo, and a friend of mine was showing me pictures she had on her iPhone 4, and all of a sudden she thinks she is a professional photographer. That face that willy wonka is…

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