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    Emotional Lyrics


    Writing Assignment: 3 stars ***

    I am choosing three songs that give me the feeling of nostalgia.

    This song reminds me of sitting around a camp fire with my friends in the summer. Drinking Diet Cokes and making s’mores, tired from the days activities. We talked about anything and everything …

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    Week 2 Reflection


    This week I felt more in tune with this course and ready to tackle the assignments. The first week of classes it all about getting into a routine and figuring everything out. At first, I was overwhelmed with all of the assignments to chose from from the Assignment Bank, and …

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    Weekly Summary: Week 1


    When I first looked at the assignments we had to do this week, I felt very overwhelmed. As I touched on in my introduction, I am a history major so I have spent the majority of my time here at UMW reading and working with old books and texts. I …

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    Bob Ross Reflection


    I watched the episode “Country Creek,” which is episode 12 from season 22. I have never watched an episode of Bob Ross before, but I have noticed how he has become really popular in recent media and pop culture. After watching an episode, I can see why there was a …

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    Hi everyone! My name is Olivia and I am a junior majoring in History and am also in the College of Education.

    First Tweet

    hope everyone has a great start to the semester! #ds106

    — Olivia Foster (@OliviaF98845588) January 9, 2022

    Flickr This is a picture from summer camp! I …

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    What I want to get out of this course


    Since I am a history major, I don’t spent a lot of time interacting with any sort of digital mediums. I have spent most of my time here at UMW reading and analyzing old documents and books, and I am excited to learn and expand my digital tools and knowledge. …

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