1. @owenrr24

    Artistic License


    I would say Im a type of artist who just goes with the flow. Thinking back to my freshman year of High School, I remember taking Art 1 as a fun elective (not to mention it fulfilled an art requirement). The course actually ended up being pretty easy and engaging. …

  2. @owenrr24

    Week One Summary


    Personally I struggled with the set up of everything this week. It certainly didn’t help that I procrastinated on setting this class up. Once I got familiar with the platform, posting blogs became much easier. I enjoyed setting up all my social medias today and distinguishing what I wanted to …

  3. @owenrr24

    Goals for DS106


    My overarching goal for this class is to get outside my comfort zone. Ive taken digitally intensive classes before in my studies but I have never taken one that entails the social requirements ds106 does. Im interested in become more familiar with the personal website aspect of the class. I …

  4. @owenrr24

    Bob Ross Thoughts- On a Clear Day


    “Any way you can get the effect you want is the right way”

    I really liked this quote. I thought it spoke alot towards his style of painting. With that being said, It could be applied in everyday life. In sports, which im most familiar with, its said that a …

  5. @owenrr24



    Hello and welcome, my name is Owen Reilly. I will be using this domain to post required blogs for DS106! I am currently a sophomore biology major taking this course to not only fulfill a gen ed. but to further my digital knowledge. …

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