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    Creation and Design With Massimo Vignelli


    In the booklet The Vignelli Canon by Massimo Vignelli, his design principles discussed opened my eyes to the realm of graphic design. He delves into three important aspects that are imperative in design: Semantics, syntactics and pragmatics. Learning about these three principles made my mind wonder with the way in …

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    Pitch Puuurrrfect



    This is my second GIF post. I chose the assignment, The Music of GIFs. This assignment asks for a GIF that suggests music or dancing in some sort of way. Luckily, I found a cat that obviously has “puuuuurrrrfect” hearing and good rhythm.

    Take a look at my …

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    Bright Idea?


    For this design assignment, I chose to Create a T-Shirt. This assignment is rated 3 stars. The main objective is to obtain a T-shirt template and add anything you want to it.

    I chose to keep it simple yet comical with my design. What I enjoy about my design …

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    Guess That Movie!


    For this design assignment, I decided to choose One Story/Four Icons. It is a total of three stars and challenges you to create a picture with four icons that represent a movie you choose. Thinking of the right icons for my post was a little challenging, but I figured …

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    A Photographic Trip Through Design


    This weeks assignment was to create a design blitz. Before enrolling into this class, I used to photograph objects, people and places without ever really understanding or researching the different concepts of design. I found it extremely helpful to learn more about design concepts and to take pictures with understanding. …

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    Just A Regular Bottle of Shampoo


    Larger Than Life

    The Visual Assignment I chose to do this time was called Larger Than Life. You can find the link to the original post here. Looking at this normal bottle of shampoo, one might think it is regular size. However, this is travel size bottle of shampoo …

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    Weekly Summary 1


    My first week in digital storytelling was exciting yet challenging. The beginning felt very overwhelming and intimidated me initially. However, once I got a better understanding of what was required and the assignments themselves, I felt better about completing the work. Unfortunately my grandmother passed away and the funeral was …

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    Do Not Talk to Us!


    (Regina on left, me on right)

    This is my visual assignment for creating a Spubble. This was really fun to do! The reason I chose this photo and the captions is because of a reoccurring thing that always happens to my friends and I when we go out- we get …

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    Are You Drunk or is it Lipstick?



    For this Visual Assignment, the main objective was to take a picture of something recognizable but manipulate the lighting and movement to make it unrecognizable. (You can find the original assignment here). I chose to do this assignment because since the photo safari assignment challenged me to utilize …

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    That is NOT What I Expected!


    This is my first Visual Assignment. For this work, I had to take a close up picture of something and see if you all can guess what it is! Hint- I use this everyday when I am getting ready. This item usually sits out on my vanity and it completely …

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    Photo Safari



    <a data-flickr-embed=”true”  href=”https://www.flickr.com/gp/[email protected]/G2VrQ5″ title=”Photo Safari”><img src=”https://c4.staticflickr.com/8/7326/27879561195_b602ecf85a.jpg” width=”375″ height=”500″ alt=”Photo Safari”></a><script async src=”//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js” charset=”utf-8″></script>


    I chose my bedroom to do my photo Safari. I initially thought it would be a great place to do this assignment because I have many different objects and textures in my room. However, this …

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    Tips for Photography


    The tip I chose to utilize for this assignment is:

    Create Depth: Look for ways to add dimension of visual depth in your 2 dimensional images- play with foreground, lines, use of wide angle lenses, use of dark backgrounds (How to Be a Better Photographer, suggestions from TEN: Ten Ways

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    Welcome & A Few of My Favorite Things


    Hi everyone welcome to my blog! I am going to apologize in advance for those of you who might not find this the most intriguing or helpful blog, but I can assure you I will try my best to keep it interesting! I am an all-time girly girl. For many …

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