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    Project Bibliography



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    The final weekly summary- Week 14


    This is crazy fourteen weeks done, ds106 is over! This past week Alaina, Ashleigh, and I finalized our project! Our project continued our radio show theme and content.

    For our final project we created a tumblr that served as our radio show Distress Signal’s online news presence. This week we …

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    DS106 Advice Post


    Before taking this class you need to understand that although it is an online class and it has a lot of fun and creative components it is extremely time consuming. You must dedicate around 4-6 hours a week to completing the various assignments due at the end of every week. …

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    Ds106 Final Crisis -Progress Post


    For this final crisis the distress signal radio show team decided to team back up! That means Ashleigh, Alaina, and I are working in a group for this final project!

    For our final crisis we decided to continue with our radio show Distress Signal since we loved our story line …

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    REMIXXX #2! Destination Post Card


    So the original point of this assignment is to create a post card for some travel destination! Since I love to travel I decided to chose this assignment to remix! The remix card read: “Stache It”. The goal of the remixed assignment is to add a mustache into the assignment …

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    REMIXXX! Places of Peace


    For my first remix assignment this week I chose an assignment I have previously completed. I loved completing the original so I decided to remix Places of Peace! The remix card read “Subtle Switcheroo”. Its goal was to just make one or two slight subtle changes to the assignment. I …

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    Photo Mash


    The last Mashup assignment I completed for this week was the Photo Mash assignment worth 3 1/2 stars! The idea of this assignment was to combine 2 different actors into one image that actually makes sense and looks normal! For this I chose to pick two classic “School Mean Girls” …

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    Holiday Mashup


    Since the holiday season is about to be in full swing I thought what a perfect time to do this assignment. It is worth 4 stars, and is super fun!

    To start I picked my three holidays to mashup, I chose Christmas, Forth of July, and Halloween! I love all …

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    I’m Ready for My Closeup Tutorial


    This assignment may seem a little challenging because of it’s star rating (4 1/2 stars), but if you have the right tools it becomes an extremely easy and fun assignment!

    First thing to do is to decide on the images you would like to use. You will need one image …

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    I’m Ready for my Closeup


    For my first mashup assignment this week I chose the I’m Ready for my Closeup assignment worth 4 1/2 stars. I thought the juxtaposition this assignment allows for was quite humorous and that is what originally drew me to complete it.

    To complete this assignment I first decided on an …

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    Text + Diagram –> Movie: Little Brain’s Origin


    For one of my video bank assignments this week I completed the Text + Diagram  -> Movie assignment worth 5 stars. I decided to make this the assignment that I incorporated my character into since its an easier way for me to explain and layout my character’s origin story using …

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    Take us through your day!- Vlog Style


    The other video bank assignment I chose to do this week was the Take us through your day assignment worth 5 stars. I chose this assignment for two reasons, one I already completed one assignment worth 5 stars, so the thought of only have to create one other assignment and …

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    Daily Creates- Week 11


    Three daily creates this week!

    First: Pop Art

    To complete this daily create I chose an image I really like from my photo album and put it through the pop art editing website they provided in the original tweet. Then I tweeted the result!

    #ds106 #tdc2129 My best pal and …

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    Little Brain’s Final Crisis


    I think a really interesting final crisis would be to have the superhero, super villain, or sidekick like myself lose their power for a brief time. I like the idea of their power only being missing or lost for a brief time that way it is not as if they …

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    Video Essay- The Flash


    This was a challenging assignment for me. I personally have never consciously broken down a movie or tv show into such small components before. At first it was really difficult for me to grasp some of these concepts. Then the more and moreI learned about them the easier they were …

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    Product Review


    For my last video assignment of the week I chose Product Review. This assignment was worth 3 stars! To complete this project I simply chose an item in my house that I use extremely often and reviewed it, my Swell water bottle! I recorded this video using the photo booth …

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    Life Hacks


    To complete this video assignment I first thought of a couple life hacks I actually use semi regularly! Once I came up with my three ideas I started recording! I found this to be the most difficult part because at times there was no one there to record for me, …

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    Daily Creates- Week #10


    Only 2 daily creates this week!

    The first daily create I completed was The not so disappointed Mistaken google image. I completed this daily create by just thinking about what could eaily be miss typed in google…after brain storming I googled hot dog (not actually a typo) and came …

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    16 Year Old Me Video


    The first video assignment I completed this week was worth 4 1/2 stars and was called Sixteen Year Old Me. I chose this assignment because I think these kinds of assignments are really applicable to life. I love looking back and learning from my mistakes, and I feel like that …

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    Weekly Summary- Week #9


    How is it already week 9?!?!

    Anyway! To start this week we finally got to hear all of the radio shows we have all been working on over these past few weeks! I loved the live tweet along, and even Professor Bond and I trying to use google hangout to …

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    Web storytelling Using Amazon!


    When I first read what I had to do for this assignment I was very intimadated! How am i suppose to edit a pre made website? This idea did not even make sense to me at first. Then I used the Mozilla X-Ray Goggles site and followed their basic tutorial …

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    Photo Through Different Lenses


    This was so cool!!! I am a little bias because I actually created this assignment! The basic idea of this assignment is to take a normal object (for example shoes), but make it creatively different in each picture!

    To complete this assignment I took 10 pictures of shoes in the …

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    Review of Radio Show!


    So today Tuesday October 24th I tuned into ds106 radio and listened to all the phenomenal radio shows this class produced!!! It was sooo cool to have our project finally shared live for everyone to hear, and I really appreciate all the comments and live tweet feedback it was incredible! …

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    Create Your Own Room


    Next assignment bank project I did for this week was Create your own room! This assignment was worth 4 1/2 stars! I chose this assignment becauseI absolutely love room decor and planning for my future home one day!

    To complete this assignment I went to my pinterest account and created …

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    Google Draw Something


    For the first assignment bank project of this week I decided to star off with the google quick draw one! This was worth 1 1/2 stars! I picked this just because I have never messed around with google quick draw before and after the stress of completing the radio show …

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    Weekly Summary


    This week was a quick one! Fall break really cut into our ds106 time!

    To get started on this week I completed some of the daily creates! I really appreciate only having to complete two daily creates this week since we have to create our radio show this week!


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