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  1. @PamlanyeJordan

    Project Bibliography

    Bibliography Alexander, Michelle. The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of          Colorblindness. New York: The New Press, 2010. AZ Lyrics. “N.W.A. – Dopeman Lyrics.” Accessed September 20,      2018. AZ Lyrics. “N.W.A. – Fuck The Police Lyrics.” Accessed September 20, 2018. Bush-Baskette, Stephanie R. “The War on Drugs … Continue reading "Project Bibliography"
  2. @PamlanyeJordan

    REMIXXX #2! Destination Post Card

    So the original point of this assignment is to create a post card for some travel destination! Since I love to travel I decided to chose this assignment to remix! The remix card read: “Stache It”. The goal of the remixed assignment is to add a mustache into the assignment somehow. To complete this assignment … Continue reading REMIXXX #2! Destination Post Card
  3. @PamlanyeJordan

    REMIXXX! Places of Peace

    For my first remix assignment this week I chose an assignment I have previously completed. I loved completing the original so I decided to remix Places of Peace! The remix card read “Subtle Switcheroo”. Its goal was to just make one or two slight subtle changes to the assignment. I decided to complete 2 small … Continue reading REMIXXX! Places of Peace
  4. @PamlanyeJordan

    Text + Diagram –> Movie: Little Brain’s Origin

    For one of my video bank assignments this week I completed the Text + Diagram  -> Movie assignment worth 5 stars. I decided to make this the assignment that I incorporated my character into since its an easier way for me to explain and layout my character’s origin story using text and diagrams rather than … Continue reading Text + Diagram –> Movie: Little Brain’s Origin
  5. @PamlanyeJordan

    Take us through your day!- Vlog Style

    The other video bank assignment I chose to do this week was the Take us through your day assignment worth 5 stars. I chose this assignment for two reasons, one I already completed one assignment worth 5 stars, so the thought of only have to create one other assignment and being done with my stars … Continue reading Take us through your day!- Vlog Style
  6. @PamlanyeJordan

    Photo Through Different Lenses

    This was so cool!!! I am a little bias because I actually created this assignment! The basic idea of this assignment is to take a normal object (for example shoes), but make it creatively different in each picture! To complete this assignment I took 10 pictures of shoes in the most creative and interesting ways … Continue reading Photo Through Different Lenses

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