1. Paul Waltsak III

    Week 7 and 8 Daily Creations


    TDC 287: Soup, soup, glorious soup! Photograph some soup today!

    TDC 283: Record a 30 second time capsule message to people 100 years in the future telling them one important thing.

    This is me telling people from the future what I find really important in life. Family. It can get …

  2. Paul Waltsak III

    Weekly Summary Six


    Wow! Good week work wise. Time wise, not so much. But, you’ve got to know, I’ll do the work even if I’m a week late! Anyways, I really enjoyed some of the Design assignments where I could really get lost in the work, especially the Pokemon Card Assignment.

    Radio Poster: …

  3. Paul Waltsak III

    Week Six Daily Create Load


    TDC 273: Take a photo that encompasses nothing, a void, an absence.

    So when I was thinking about what I could possibly do for this assignment, I was searching around the man cave for ideas. Recently one of my light bulbs died so I had taken it it out and …

  4. Paul Waltsak III

    Design Safari


    Balance and Symmetry

    This photo represents what is known as Radial Symmetry. This means that the design elements wrap around a central location and keep expanding. This creates a circular pattern filled with Design elements and can be a powerful way to illustrate a point in such a way that …

  5. Paul Waltsak III

    Comet, Cupid, Donner, PhotoBlitzen!


    Daniel Zimmerman and I decided to do the photoblitz at the same time. We did it in our basement here at Payne Street. It’s pretty wide open, plus we have the upstairs here at the house, which we made good use of. I really like the photoblitz because for one …

  6. Paul Waltsak III

    5 Sound Story


    I had fun with this assignment as well. It look a little bit of maneuvering concerning how to time each sound, and what sounds would be effect when underlain. It also took some time browsing www.freesound.org  for sounds relating to the story I wanted to portray. It isn’t anything out …

  7. Paul Waltsak III

    DS106 Radio Bumper


    DS106 radio bumper

    I found this assignment a ton of fun because I got to try my hand at creating a bumper, or short audio clip designed for radio shows, in order to remind listeners of the station, and in my opinion, to reach out to listeners and emphasize the …

  8. Paul Waltsak III

    DS106 Radio Chillin’/Listenin’


    Ds106 radio is a cool creation. You get to listen to all these different hosts at different times, and really get a dose of their perspectives. Jim Groom, CogDog and many people I have never heard of go on their and put on live shows, and they range from very …

  9. Paul Waltsak III

    Daily Creates: Week Four


    TDC 253: Create a sound clip that plays a song backwards, with a 3 second silence, then followed by the short original clip.

    For this Daily Create, I thought to use a Dance song that I really love to listen to called No Beef. It was a cool chance to …

  10. Paul Waltsak III

    Givin’ Some Love


    I always like to give attention to bands that I come across that really hit something special within me. I would like to introduce Young the Giant here on my blog, performing a live version of their song “Islands”, which is one of my personal favorites. I highly encourage anyone …

  11. Paul Waltsak III

    Weekly Summary # Three: What a Busy Week!


    This week was filled with lots of fun activities, including four daily creates, our input on what storytelling is, an activity using either five photos of your own or random photos, or two photos from the Daily Create archive to create a story. Although it was time consuming and a …

  12. Paul Waltsak III

    Kurt Vonnegut inSPIRED: The Shape of Stories


    It’s pretty cool how Kurt Vonnegut explains this whole concept that stories have a shape to them. He is correct, because many stories follow this model, moving from beginning to end, with a main character usually fluctuating on the “Good-Ill” spectrum, depending on the plight of that character, and the …

  13. Paul Waltsak III

    What Storytelling means to me..


    Storytelling is a broad term, but an important one at that. It encompasses many different forms and has existed as long as humans have. Storytelling requires people to spread their adventures, creations, and so forth. Personal perspective is part of what makes a story a story. Both the person telling …

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