1. pborisov

    Ugly to Beautiful: Sunrise Transformation


    This is a further experiment on the Ugly to Beautiful theme. This is my favorite topic. Doesn’t tell as much of a story as the previous one, but I like it better. Again, there is no editing on these photos. They’re exactly as they are from the camera, except I …

  2. pborisov

    Photo Essay: My People



    I decided that I wanted to take the photo topic and do something without any people. Part of this is it’s hard to coordinate with people, and part of is that I wanted a challenge. I wanted to actually make something that held up to the idea of the …

  3. pborisov

    Order vs. Chaos (Conflict Assignment)


    Our assignment was to portray the same conflict in three totally different ways. I’m mostly keeping to my goal of not manipulating images aside from resize. The only non-resize manipulation on this set was perking up the color on the yellow image.

  4. pborisov

    An Image for my Photo Essay


    I’m thinking of using this image to start my story.

    I’m trying to go an unconventional route for my photo essay. It’ll still fit the theme of “my people”, but i don’t want to spoil what I’m doing quite yet. The calculator will be important.

  5. pborisov

    Weekly Update: Photography

    How did the week go?

    An example animation typical of a single panel of Homestuck. The style is simple and repetitive, and used to emphasize comic effect.

    Pretty well. Despite some technical issues, I tried some news things and cranked out some content. But first, the bad part. I had …

  6. pborisov



    Taken for the “universal themes” assignment of a digital storytelling class at the U of M.

  7. pborisov

    Swing Smile ( Rule of Thirds Assignment )



    This is an assignment for my Digital Storytelling class at the University of Michigan. I tried to crop the image down to place the lower 1/3 grid points on the knees and the middle of the torso. The upper grid points fall on the edges of the clouds at …

  8. pborisov

    What Did I Just Read?


    I’m not sure how I feel about this story. It’s hard to follow, but that’s intentional as far as I can gather given the theme of distraction from genuine human communication. The theme of genuine human interaction makes it read like Vonnegut updating A Brave New World for modern times. …

  9. pborisov

    Photoshop Fails, GIMP and the Console Save the Day


    This is entirely unexpected. GIMP was just easier to use than Photoshop. Was it for some obscure and arcane task that someone had written a GIMP feature for? No. I was just making a GIF for an assignment.

    This is the face I made when looking at photoshop’s video import …

  10. pborisov

    A Game of Deadlines: A Look Back On Audio


    This is not a good week. Like the Starks, I’m navigating a treacherous landscape. Exams. Two other big projects. A show at the end of the week. And I made a big, big mistake: I trusted my equipment not fail. So naturally, it did. Between the rush and the deadlines, …

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