1. pborisov

    UMDST: Radio Show Ideas


    Our class voted on what the subject of our radio show would be. The result was “relationships”. Or maybe “dating”. I’m not entirely sure. Regardless, I’m not entirely pleased by the topic, but I’ll live. So what can we do with it?

    The good, the bad, and the ugly. A …

  2. pborisov

    UMDST Video Unit: A look back


    A frame from some test footage when I was still learning to use the camera before I learned it had a flip-out screen on the back. It’s blue fabric taped to a door with some lighting coming from behind the camera.

    Looking back at all the videos, what have I …

  3. pborisov

    Video #3: A look back


    This film is the one I’m least with happy with. I had a precise idea of what I wanted to achieve, and I didn’t get to do it. Not because of issues with filming or animation, but because it was hard to find decent creative commons videos of bird singing, …

  4. pborisov

    UMDST Video #2: A look back


    I’m fairly content with how this film turned out compared to the other two. I think it’s because I had a clear idea of what I was going to do to begin with and because I spent the most time on it. At the same time, I think that it …

  5. pborisov

    Video #1: A look back


    I’m okay with how this film turned out. I tried to make it seem amateur as a way of making it authentic. I guess it somewhat works? I’d hoped to film the emergency alert + news bit on a CRT TV in my living room, but the computer that had …

  6. pborisov

    How do I happen meme?


    I’d like to explore how memes happen and spread. In my last post, I lamented how over the top modern movies and television are. I recently read a few excerpts from “Writing Movies for Fun and Profit”. Stopping short of actually telling me to add sex scenes, it more …

  7. pborisov

    The Screen Demands it be Over the Top


    The Reality Principle gave the impression that reality show participants consistently know the role they are going to be playing in the final product. I disagree with this notion. The process of shaping a person’s participation in the show is sometimes something the individual may be unaware of during the …

  8. pborisov

    Girl Scout Cookies, Dulce De Leche Flavor


    Prompt: Write a story that uses all of the ingredients listed in your favorite canned or boxed food.

    Picture a cozy study with a roaring fireplace, air turned chill with fear. The place belongs to Wheat Flour, head of the Enriched Flour gang. He sits behind the desk. Folic Acid …

  9. pborisov

    What I hope to do with iMovie


    My overarching goal for the semester is to learn how to make videos I could describe as “of decent quality” reasonably quickly. This isn’t just about learning software. It’s a personal goal for me too. You see, I’m semi-not-so-secretly a perfectionist, and it’s a problem. I sometimes get behind on …

  10. pborisov

    Michigan Radio: I’m impressed


    I’m impressed by how much effort Michigan Radio puts into interacting with people. Both on facebook and on the main site. I noticed that although they have a twitter, they seem to tweet much more than they get tweeted at. The fact that they get more interaction on Facebook than …

  11. pborisov

    They just want to feel loved


    Marketing literature manages to obscure a simple idea behind phrases like “the loyalty loop” and “quality and authenticity of” a simple message: Before all else, be absolutely damn sure your customers feel understood and cared about. This is precisely how both Apple and Blendtec of “Will it Blend” fame both …

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