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  1. Peggy Herrick

    Summer Waters

    This summer I have made a commitment to complete an update and redesign of both this blog website and the Journey Daybooks site – an awesome task for those, like me, who are left-brain challenged. Between my computer time, however, I take breaks … Continue reading
  2. Peggy Herrick

    Easter Vigil

    I decided that this year’s celebration of Easter would be at a big Gainesville parish, Holy Faith, where I know some congregants and where the liturgy is beautiful and, therefore, for me, very meaningful. I sat with Frances and just in front … Continue reading
  3. Peggy Herrick


    Maria and I made our first training trip in the Suwannee River yesterday afternoon. It is our intention to reserve one day each week to either paddle or visit a destination for our journey down the river planned for March, … Continue reading
  4. Peggy Herrick

    Today’s Post: Today’s Picture


    This afternoon, once again, I needed some relief from the tension I was feeling after long hours at the computer. Because of the uncertain weather outside, I decided to work sitting at my dining table as I gazed outside at my backyard garden. I received the peace I sought and, …

  5. Peggy Herrick

    My Journey Daybook Page for Today


    Another had working day for me but at 4 PM I stopped and headed with Mimi to the water. We took along my fly rod – just in case; however the mosquitos were so ferocious that we both abandoned the waterfront at Witman Point in favor of our usual comfortable …

  6. Peggy Herrick


    I am taking a personal retreat for two weeks – what this means is confusing, even to me in this technological age. In short, I engaging only in basic media – reading, writing, drawing, painting, and, of course, a little … Continue reading

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