1. paul bond

    All the details matter, part 867


    Lettering is communication as a base level– knowing what is being said, who is saying it, and being able to read it in the correct order. Do that and the comic is "readable". Pushing beyond (I think) is reaching for story-additive work in lettering, or at least art-absorbing.

    — Hassan …

  2. paul bond

    Fab Freddie


    I found another artist working in a remix/mashup vein, going by the handle Stuff_by_Mark:

    Killer Queen. A stupid drawing by a stupid man. pic.twitter.com/Og3mkYeAUm

    — Stuff_By_Mark (@The_Ren1981) October 29, 2021

    He may have thought this Freddy/Freddie mashup was stupid, but I thought I might be able to outdo him:

    The …

  3. paul bond

    Digital patches


    Today’s Daily Create said to “Make some digital sashiko.” Sashiko is explained as a way to repair clothing and in the process make it more beautiful. If we were to interpret this metaphorically, as something digital, what could it be? The possibilities are endless. I thought about repairing something digitally, …

  4. paul bond

    Ross the Boss


    Our friend @billgx shared a quote on Discord:

    “There is never a penalty for doing more than what was expected.” -Bob Ross

    with a subtitle: (if he did not say it, he should have.)

    That made me think there could be a Bob Ross quote assignment. But since I’m supposed …

  5. paul bond

    “and I’ll show you how to color it.”


    So I watched Bob Ross – Golden Rays of Sunshine (Season 28 Episode 4):

    The first thing that caught my eye was actually in the comment section, right at the top: “I feel more supported and capable in less than 25 minutes with Bob Ross than I have in 24 …

  6. paul bond

    Simplicity and Ubiquity


    A Baddie’s Blog raised a good point about simplicity and minimalism:

    I remember seeing a Doritos commercial where they were being very vague about naming the chip. However, they kept showing a bright red bag and a dark blue bag. They did not have to say the name, we all …

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