1. paul bond

    Fab Freddie


    I found another artist working in a remix/mashup vein, going by the handle Stuff_by_Mark:

    Killer Queen. A stupid drawing by a stupid man. pic.twitter.com/Og3mkYeAUm

    — Stuff_By_Mark (@The_Ren1981) October 29, 2021

    He may have thought this Freddy/Freddie mashup was stupid, but I thought I might be able to outdo him:

    The …

  2. paul bond

    Digital patches


    Today’s Daily Create said to “Make some digital sashiko.” Sashiko is explained as a way to repair clothing and in the process make it more beautiful. If we were to interpret this metaphorically, as something digital, what could it be? The possibilities are endless. I thought about repairing something digitally, …

  3. paul bond

    Ross the Boss


    Our friend @billgx shared a quote on Discord:

    “There is never a penalty for doing more than what was expected.” -Bob Ross

    with a subtitle: (if he did not say it, he should have.)

    That made me think there could be a Bob Ross quote assignment. But since I’m supposed …

  4. paul bond

    “and I’ll show you how to color it.”


    So I watched Bob Ross – Golden Rays of Sunshine (Season 28 Episode 4):

    The first thing that caught my eye was actually in the comment section, right at the top: “I feel more supported and capable in less than 25 minutes with Bob Ross than I have in 24 …

  5. paul bond

    Simplicity and Ubiquity


    A Baddie’s Blog raised a good point about simplicity and minimalism:

    I remember seeing a Doritos commercial where they were being very vague about naming the chip. However, they kept showing a bright red bag and a dark blue bag. They did not have to say the name, we all …

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