1. paul bond

    Whistler’s painting


    For today’s Daily Create we had to put ourselves in a famous painting. Part of my story is that I used to try to be an artist/painter, so I wanted to play with a “painting within a painting” idea. I’m not sure if there’s a name for that. There is …

  2. paul bond

    Reading Guernica


    from https://www.openculture.com/2014/02/kurt-vonnegut-masters-thesis-rejected-by-u-chicago.html

    I wondered how the story analysis assignment might apply to an image, so I thought I’s give it a shot with Picasso’s Guernica. There are a few different stories here: the story the painting depicts, the story of Picasso making the painting, and we could even include …

  3. paul bond

    Look at the window


    Down by Law (1986) Jarmusch.

    For today’s Daily Create, we had to do an out-the-window shot, but make it creative. I took a photo of the window in the laundry closet, but wasn’t sure what I could do to make it creative. I loaded it into GIMP, and …

  4. paul bond

    Week one wrap up


    Week one of ds106 went quite well, with just a few hiccups. A few people had issues with embedding Instagram, so I made a quick screen capture video of the process:

    Embedding IG in WP

    If a site gives you an embed code, you can copy that code and paste …

  5. paul bond

    Disco Driver test


    One of my FB peeps suggested the idea of Taxi Driver with a disco soundtrack, as if that would be a bad thing. It’s been decades since I last watched the film so I don’t know for sure, but it seems like an intriguing remix. And potentially possible – it …

  6. paul bond

    The music and the damage done


    Since it’s remix/mashup week, I thought I’d take another shot at putting words to music. I guess I got the idea from the OER20 conference. I listened to some of it with ds106radio playing in the background, and once I got the balance between the talk and the background right, …

  7. paul bond

    “Newest latest”


    I thought I’d do my own video analysis, using a scene from Spike Lee’s 80s classic, Do the Right Thing.

    I guess I’m looking at it more as an artist than a film scholar, but that’s my background. An interesting thing about it is that actor Bill Nunn’s speech …

  8. paul bond

    Booger panic


    So I left work Friday because I wasn’t feeling well. It ended up just being a common cold, but I played it safe and put myself under quarantine. It’s complicated by allergies, so I still get an occasional sneezing fit. Like now.

    In communicating with people at work, I mentioned …

  9. paul bond

    Sounding off on the radio


    We came up with many great radio show ideas this past week. You can see them all at the link, at least the ones that were tagged properly. A number of people mentioned fashion as a topic. This poses a challenge in that fashion is very visual, whereas we will …

  10. paul bond

    The Sounds of Science


    We’ve had three great evenings of live tweeting ds106radio. The point of this was to analyze, together, how sounds can paint pictures and drive stories. My favorite thing about this exercise is that the idea for it came from a class a few years ago. The students suggested it, …

  11. paul bond

    Red Dawn Reimagined


    I found Red Dawn on Netflix the other week. I had actually never seen it before, so, given our theme, I thought I’d check it out. The idea of Soviet proxy forces attacking a high school in the middle of nowhere, USA, is about as ludicrous as the thought that …

  12. paul bond

    Your fly is down


    I thought I’d look at the 1986 version of The Fly and try a story shape analysis. Something that occurred to me when watching Vonnegut talk about the shapes of stories is that he’s talking about one character’s story. Cinderella’s story takes a different shape from that of the prince …

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