1. paul bond

    Internet 106


    ds106 is right around the corner, so I better start blogging about it again. I had a bunch of ideas about what to do this semester. I thought of using a superhero theme, something I still might run with at some point in the future. They’re a thing in pop …

  2. paul bond

    The Black Hole


    Today’s Daily Create builds on a Mashable story about Roy Stryker’s ruthless editing practices. During the Depression, he headed the Information Division of the Farm Security Administration, where he was in charge of documentary photography. If he didn’t like a photo, he punched a hole through the negative. One of …

  3. paul bond



    I’ve been thinking about how we could use Gardner Campbell’s Apgar test in ds106. He uses it as a way of taking the class temperature at the beginning of a session, a quick gauge of their collective readiness. It also serves as a way of communicating expectations:

    1. Did you …

  4. paul bond

    Week 14: Happy Trails

    by John Starr, from Rangers Comics #54 http://digitalcomicmuseum.com/index.php?dlid=418

    So here we are in the last weeks of the semester, about to ride off in the sunset of Western106. It’s been a great ride, and everyone should be proud of all the work they’ve done. I really appreciate the consistent creative …

  5. paul bond

    Week 13: The Wild Wild Web


    4/8/16 – 4/15/16

    For this week’s adventure, we’re going to play with web storytelling. This should be fun. I am going to quote extensively from the Open ds106 Course:

    In this unit we move to a different kind of storytelling, one that uses the space of existing web sites …

  6. paul bond

    Week 12: Remix & Mashup


    4/1/16 – 4/8/16

    All work is due by midnight on 4/8/16


    Make a Tutorial

    This week’s main focus will be on mashups and remixes, but we also need to make tutorials. You may have noticed these in the Assignment Bank. Some assignments have them, some don’t. Was there an …

  7. paul bond

    Beetles and bugs


    wowslider.com by WOWSlider.com v8.7.1m

    So I though I’d take another shot at randomizing a comic book story. This is part one of “The People Thieves” from Blue Beetle #53, as found on Destination Nightmare. I figured, “How can you go wrong with giant bugs?” And there’s a Hulk-green mad …

  8. paul bond

    Week 10: Video killed the rodeo star


    Thanks go out to the Video Group for their input this week.

    3/18 – 3/25

    Reading movies

    This week we’re moving from audio to video. While we have been looking at video all along, we’ve been focusing on different aspects – photography, sound, design – whereas now we’re going to …

  9. paul bond

    Trouvé ou fabriqué


    I’ve been indulging my comic book fixation on and of for quite a while now. One of the things that interests me is the single panel, taken out of context. A fragment of a story. It can suggest all sorts of possibilities, or it can take or give new meaning …

  10. paul bond

    Plan to fail


    from http://bl-id.com/index/#/blood-meridian/

    Based on Jim’s recommendations, I thought I should read Blood Meridian. Since my time is limited, I picked up the audiobook version so I could listen on my commute. It’s not the best way to do any book, due to the divided attention, but it’s especially problematic …

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