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    CT 101 Finals Project-Audio


    Radio Show on Mother’s Day

    My final project is a radio show on the observance of mother’s day. I recorded original audio on to Adobe Audition, edited the raw material down to size and amplified the volume level.

    I then downloaded an instrumental music which was used as background theme …

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    Album and Archive


    During the week, we talked about the importance of preserving the works and things we put out on the Social Media. It was mentioned that Instagram, flicker do not promise to be around forever and are not like photo albums that we keep to memorialize photos and letters.

    It was …

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    Intro to Final project


    One of our class projects that intrigue me was the audio production on bullying. This gave me inspiration for my final project.

    I will be producing a radio show with raw audio recordings mixed with instrumental music looped under.…

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    Copyright and Fair use


    Weekly Summary

    During the week, we looked at creative commons which talks about alternative licensing option that allows users to re-publish and or remix content under specific guidelines.

    We also watched a couple of video presentations by Larry Lessig’s TED talk on Copyright and memoriam of Aaron Schwartz, all on …

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    Piemedia 2013-05-06 12:23:02

    Fair Use?


    French street artist Invader recreates Joel Brodsky’s iconic Jim Morrison photo with Rubik’s Cubes


    There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about “fair use” on the Internet. Everyone thinks they know what fair use is, but not even attorneys, judges, and juries can agree on …

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    Video-Puppet Troll


    Week Ten Summary


    As a team of two, we cut out a picture of of puppet, shot it against a green background and downloaded to computer. We then got a basketball game and cut out a clip where a hoop was made.

    We then placed the green space recording …

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    Broadcasting Utopia/Distopia


    Week Seven Summary

    We worked in a group of three to create a five minute radio show that solves a problem using satirical approach that is either utopian or dystopian. The issue highlighted in the show was bullying because bullying has become a major crisis especially in middle schools.

    I …

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    Self Audit of Piemedia.us!


    Week one- 1/18 Introduction and Getting Started

    I spent week one creating social media sites and other sites related to the course CT101.

    Week two- 2/4 Customizing your Blog and First Visual Assignment

    I’m yet to read Gardner Campell’s essay “A personal Cyber infrastructure” and watch the video of his …

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    My First Week in CT101; Challenging!



    The first week of CT101 was very challenging for me because I had not given much time to social media and knowing how it runs. The daily create for the first week was done at the end of the week. One of such daily create is this new invention …

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