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    Daily Creates


    This unit I managed to complete 2 daily creates

    Two Most Mismatched Socks #tcsc828 

    Never thought I would actually have any type of thought process go through my head on this one, but……  So once I start looking through my socks, which I NEVER give any thought to I went …

  2. pkuckkahn

    Say it like the peanut butter assignment


    Oh my I think I  have fallen again for “did you know gullible is not in the dictionary?” phrase again.  I kept looking at the title and thinking how does this title connect to the assignment for most of the day and when I decided to do a search on …

  3. pkuckkahn

    What is Art


    When I was little I thought art was a perfectly drawn picture (hmmm what does that really mean?).  I was not an artist (at least in my mind) and was continually encouraged by my art teacher to keep working at it.  There was no room for the word can’t in …

  4. pkuckkahn

    Venturing to new ground


    Last week I took the leap and decided to jump into DS106 an open, “headless” course on digital storytelling. A good friend and amazing mentor, Beth Dailey, inspired me to think deeper and learn more about storytelling as an instructional strategy.  With my interest in instructional technology the mix …

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    Join me in my journey into blogging with Discover & Design.  My goal is for this blog to provide additional support and ideas to go along with my Technology in Practice Sessions (TIPS) and provide you with new ideas on how to incorporate technology into your instructional practices.…

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