1. plohn

    Carzy/Crazy Illusion Tutorial (Design Assignment)


    To complete this assignment there are several steps, this assignment is not there to be hard or difficult, but its there to show creativity.

    Step1. Choose a picture either from Google or a Picture that you took yourself, I prefer choosing a shape, that way it is easier to create …

  2. plohn

    Crazy/Carzy Illusion(Made up Assignment 1 star)


    My Illusion was created through a program called Picsart, which can be downloaded onto any computer or tablet. This image was not taken from google, it was self created, I created the shape, and then set the background pattern. If you look at this image too long your eyes may …

  3. plohn

    Final Project (Hugo the Big Winner)


    Hugo the main character of my story was just a normal human being, until luck was on his side and he won BIGGGG. But will the money get to him, and cause him to lose it all.

    Find out for yourself.

    Hugo received a phone call around, 330pm on June …

  4. plohn

    Color Changer Tutorial


    This Tutorial is for the color changer assignment.

    Step 1. Choose any picture out of your photo library, preferably something that that was taken outside.

    Step 2. Once you choose the picture open it with up with a program on your computer that can edit and change pictures.

    I chose …

  5. plohn

    Dog it Out


    For this Design Assignment that I created as one of my required assignments. I created an assignment in which you take a picture of your dog, or any  pet that you own and make it something interesting, be creative with it.

    The first photo is what it was originally, that’s …

  6. plohn

    Terrible Lip Sync


    For this Lip Sync Video Assignment we were supposed to choose a song that we like, and take a video of ourselves lip syncing part of the song. This assignment was fun, but it made me see that I have no talent at al lip syncing.

    I thought Sam Hunts, …

  7. plohn

    Want to Marry You



    For this assignment (worth five stars), we were asked to create a montage for someone special in our lives.


    The song above from Bruno Mars is what inspired this Photo Montage, of my Finance. I decided to go with the Bruno Mars song because it is upbeat, and …

  8. plohn

    Cinema Techniques :)

    Cinema Techniques:


    Hitchcock Loves Bikinis, talks about pure cinema tics, or the assembly of film and how it can be changes to create different viewpoints and different ideas.  I really like how the segments talks about how the assembly was changed to create a different idea with two …

  9. plohn

    How To Read A Movie :)



    In  How to read movie by Roger Ebert, he talks about the different meanings to analyzing a movie, and what different angels mean, and different approaches to scenes, and why different angles can tackle scenes in different ways.

    I have never really analyzed a movie beyond just watching …

  10. plohn

    Storytelling Ira Glass


    I watched these two videos from Ira Glass on storytelling, I thought these videos were really interesting and I learned what his take is on storytelling. He talks about understanding the building blocks of storytelling, and how important it is to build a sequence so that each event falls within …

  11. plohn

    How I Got Into College by Ira Glass


    Some of the sound effects that Ira used when telling this Podcast, is background Music, it was very soothing so you wanted to keep listening, the music sucked you in. Also I want to say it was done as a podcast, and also his voice is so clear, there is …

  12. plohn

    Keeping Calm (Dc 6/7/2015)


    For this Daily create we were supposed to create something with more lines, or just make lines, so I used picsart, I choose a background, that consists of lines, I have a barcode on the picture that consists of all lines, and then I also wrote “Keep Calm and Love …

  13. plohn

    Downtown weekend gang (Audio Assignment Worth 2 stars)


    For this Audio assignment we were asked to take a convo, and to narrate it. I choose a conversation between my friends and I that took place on Facebook. We created a chat group with all the friends and called it downtown weekend gang, and that’s how we communicate. This …

  14. plohn

    Design Blitz the Lowes Way


    The above photo was taken at Lowes where I work, I though this picture from the garden center would be a perfect representation of color. As you can see from the picture there is about 12 different colors to see here, maybe even more. Color can come in many different …

  15. plohn

    Daily create 5/30/2015 “no internet =no good


    What would you do if you woke up one morning and there was no Internet?

    This is a really good question because people use the Internet everyday, I am on the internet all the time whether it be for social media, for work or for school. The Internet is a …

  16. plohn

    Daily create 5/29/2015 “what the heck”



    The the purpose of this daily create was to create a map that makes no sense and leads to nowhere. My map was created through pics art, I find this app very useful to do a lot of editing and it is easier to use than many other editing …

  17. plohn

    Music is life (design assignment worth 4 stars)




    This was inspired by picsart which is an app that can be downloaded onto any iPad or smartphone. This assignment was done by choosing an appropriate image that would fit with the song lyrics. You can’t have song lyrics and have the image not portray the meaning of …

  18. plohn

    Ds106 in space (design assignment worth 4 stars)




    The design above is what inspired my design. The assignment was to create your own DS106 wallpaper, and being creative in the process of it. For my design I choose an easy to read font that is easy on the eyes. The background was more challenging that I …

  19. plohn

    Photo Safari (At my work)



    This photo safari assignment was done at a place where I spend about 30 hours per week. At Lowes. As you can see pictures where taken all within 15 min, and also from different angles and different areas within the store. Also pictures with different shadows and different lighting …

  20. plohn

    My Trips collage (worth 2stars)










    This was an actaul book collage that I crafted, it is of two seperate trips, the top page is from a trip to Italy last summer, and the bottom page is from a trip to Germany also over the summer. This assignment …

  21. plohn

    My day at work (photo distortion worth 2 points)



    This was a really cool assignment visually, I was at work and took a picture of my work hat and two water bottles. And I made two seperate pictures with two seperate distortions. I learned about how distortions and how they  change a picture visually…

  22. plohn

    Color Changer Visual Assignment (worth 2 stars)



    For this color changer assignment, I decided to take a picture in Dc. This was recently taken and is a modern picture, but with all the changes to the light exposure I made and the background and also I changes in focus, the picture looks really old, so it was …

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