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    Call for Papers: Education in the Time of Pandemic


    AERA Open Special Topic Call for Papers

    Education in the Time of Pandemic

    Special Topic Editors: Jacquelynne Eccles and John Yun

    Local and global crises, whether the results of natural disasters, war, or mass recessions, have a huge impact on educational systems. This has rarely been more evident than during …

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    Call for Articles on COVID-19 – Special Issue of Online Learning


    The Editors of the Online Learning journal wish to invite researchers to publish in a special issue devoted to the lessons learned about online learning from the COVD-19 crisis, including the challenges faced by teachers and students in the unexpected transition to distance learning, institutional or community supports which helped …

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    Call for papers — Emergency Remote Education: methodological, technological, organizational and policy issues


    IJET invites authors to submit contributions that can deepen our knowledge about issues of a methodological, technological, organisational or policy nature (as well as combinations thereof) that are related to what has been termed “Emergency Remote Education (ERE)” (Williamson, Eynon, & Potter, 2020) or “Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT)” (Hodges et …

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    Call for Proposals: Visual Media for Global Learning


    The purpose of this TECHTRENDS special issue is to showcase the latest and leading international research in the design, deployment and evaluation of visual or media literacy practices supported by educational technology. The special issue welcomes submissions from all researchers and practitioners who are designing, developing, and evaluating ICT-supported learning …

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    Call for Papers for Special Issue: Learners and Learning Contexts


    Learners and Learning Contexts: International Perspectives on New Alignments for the Digital Age

    Special Issue Editors
    Dr. Joke Voogt, Professor of ICT and Curriculum, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands  – [email protected]

    Dr. Gerald Knezek, Professor of Learning Technologies, University of North Texas, USA  – [email protected]


    Educational researchers and policy …

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    Call for Proposals — Teaching Digital Literacy: A Faculty Guide to Integrating Digital Skills with Disciplinary Content


    Proposals are now being sought for an edited collection entitled Teaching Digital Literacy: A Faculty Guide to Integrating Digital Skills with Disciplinary Content. This book will discuss how digital literacy is taught throughout the academy. Digital literacy is often a focus of professionals with specific expertise in the area (educational …

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    Call for Papers: History of Educational Technology


    IET, and now is largely seen as synonymous with internet based technology. It remains however a field that does not systematically record or analyse its own history. In order to better appreciate new developments, and link these into a deeper historical context, JIME seeks to gather a collection of papers …

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    Call for Papers: Theories of Learning and Instruction for Digital Education


    Theories of Learning and Instruction for Digital Education. A special Issue for Revistas de Educación a Distancia (https://revistas.um.es/red).

    Special Issue Editors:    Dr. Richard E. West, Brigham Young University,
    [email protected]
    Dr. Miguel Zapata Ros, Universidad de Murcia
    [email protected]

    Deadline to submit manuscripts: 1 Enero, 2020

    Estimated Publication Date: October,2020.

    This special …

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    Call for Chapter Proposals: Critical Digital Pedagogy

    Chapter Proposals: Critical Digital Pedagogy – Broadening Horizons, Bridging Theory and Practice Edited by Suzan Koseoglu, George Veletsianos, Chris Rowell Planned publication online and in paper format by Athabasca University Press as a Gold Open Access publication.

    We are excited to announce the call for proposals for an edited collection …

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    Conference on Meaningful Living and Learning in a Digital World


    Conference on Meaningful Living and Learning in a Digital World

    February 10, 2020 – February 12, 2020
    Brice Hotel
    Savannah, Georgia
    Proposals are due:  October 14th, 2019


    Sponsored by The Online Journal of Distance Learning
    Administration and The University of West Georgia

    The third annual Conference on Meaningful Living and Learning in a Digital World will …

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    Call for Chapters: Social Media: Influences on Education


    Social media is not only used for pedagogical and social purposes, but has also caused educators to lose jobs due to unprofessional postings and, among students, cyberbullying has become a problem. Thus, social media is a multi-faceted tool that can be used in ways both beneficial and detrimental, with many …

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    Call for Presenters – IETA 2020



    The IETA is seeking proposals from technologists, educators, subject-matter experts, consultants, and corporate partners to present at our 2020 annual conference “The Future is Clear” to be held at the Boise Centre in Boise, ID, February 3-5, 2020.The IETA strives to deliver pertinent, innovative, and informative content to Idaho …

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    Call for Papers: Special issue in Smart Learning Environments Journal: Towards enhancing learning using open educational resources

    Thematic Series on Towards Enhancing Learning Using Open Educational Resources

    Special issue in Smart Learning Environments Journal: Towards enhancing learning using open educational resources

    Submission deadline: September 30, 2019

    Since OER were adopted at the 2012 World OER Congress (Paris declaration), there has been increasing interest worldwide in open education …

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    Call for Chapter Proposals


    Proposal Submission Deadline: Dec. 1, 2019
    Virtual and Augmented Reality in English Language Arts Education
    Editors: Clarice M. Moran, Ph.D. (Kennesaw State University)
    and Mary Rice, Ph.D. (University of New Mexico)

    Virtual realities are digital worlds that users can interact with. Augmented realities blend virtual…

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