1. pmdelong94

    Ds106 C: Real life to cartoon collage


    I chose to do the assignment where you take something found in nature, and then find the same thing in man made form. Metal yard decorations immediately came to mind and I found a really cool one of a horse so I chose to do that animal.


    I used …

  2. pmdelong94

    ds106 Assignment B- Splash the Color


    I chose to recolor the corsage my boyfriend got for me for my senior prom. The ribbon in it was such a vivid blue, that I thought it would be a really pretty picture to make black and white and then color splash it. I uploaded my picture to this …

  3. pmdelong94

    ds106 Assignment A- Makeup your pet!


    These are two of my cats, Mr. Whiskers(left) and Socks(right). I chose to make them look like sassy women even though both of them are boys I used pixlr to edit them, I uploaded my picture and then just used the paint tools to put their makeup on.

    Link to

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