1. pragatik00

    Vaporwave Project


    My vaporwave image is the most random image I have ever made!

    My image consists of my favorite color as the background and I really like how all the images but the robot and the sun contrast with other colors on the images.

    My inspiration behind this post was based …

  2. pragatik00

    Check out Passion by PK


    Today we made our own websites and I’m super excited to share some of my personal, yet funny moments!

    My website is called Passion by PK because I wanted to share the things that I am passionate about. Although the name of my website doesn’t sound as catchy, I just …

  3. pragatik00

    GIF The Portrait Project


    My experience with creating a GIF through photoshop was hard but exciting. I chose the image of Priyanka Chopra because I admire how diverse Priyanka is with the Bollywood and Hollywood film industry. I’ve watched all of Pryianka’s movies that she’s stared in Bollywood, and I used to watch Quantico.…

  4. pragatik00

    The One Where We Became Friends


    Friends, as we all know is one of the best shows ever!!!!

    While looking for a place to work on our panoramic shot, my group found a couch. Since we all don’t know each other that well, I thought it would be funny to create the intro of Friends, but …

  5. pragatik00

    Portrait of the Earth


    A class that I have to take this semester is environmental science. In that class so far I learned about how the human population has impacted the earth, how fossil fuels and other renewable resources are on the decline and most recently how soil has been affected by pesticides and …

  6. pragatik00

    Are Meme’s Art?


    Millennials have done it again! This time it’s the Memes. Memes are a representation of communication. We use them when we answer a text message, start a conversation and or just sending them for fun. But are memes a form of art?

    Art can be expressed in many ways because …

  7. pragatik00

    My Reaction to CT 101


    When my academic advisor first told me about the digital literacy course, I had very mixed feelings. All I could think about was that the course was going to rely heavily on writing essays that had to be creative and imaginative. In my opinion, I’m not the best writer, so …

  8. pragatik00

    Why Spongebob Makes Me Happy


    Spongebob as we all know is a one of the best kids show on Nickelodeon. Generally I don’t wake up early on Sundays because, well its Sunday, a day to relax. Anyways, I woke up early, turned the tv on and flipped through the guide, to see that Nickelodeon is …

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