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    What to do when you lose your job?


    More than 1 lakh tech employees were laid off so far in 2023. Some close associates of mine who got great academic credentials and stellar careers so far are part of the downsizing. This is particularly affecting mid-career IT professionals who spent a decade or two in the IT industry,…
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    Future is AI


    Recently OpenAI has made Chat GPT public and it is already shaking the tech world. Students are using chat GPT for their assignments, digital marketers are using it for content creation and so on. Lets look at how AI could possibly impact the world in the next decade.

    One of …

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    What story you want to tell?

    I will tell you a story. There was a village in a remote area in India. It was ruled by an evil land lord. People in that region are terrified and pray to god to send someone to save them. There enters the hero from somewhere. He encounters heroine by mistake and falls in…
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    Curious Musings 2016-09-16 03:13:00

    Overnight success
    I was elevated, excited and enthralled for the glory that Sakshi and Sindhu brought by winning their medals at Rio olympics. Like millions of Indian fans, i watched women’s badminton finals. Even though PV Sindhu lost the match to world no. 1, i liked the way she fought till…
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    Travel Chronicles

    I was in the boat with other tourists. I was enjoying the view where boat was passing through a passage between two high lands. Suddenly my friend called, “Hey, come to the other side”. The moment I reached other side of boat, I looked at the scene in front of…
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    Curious Musings 2016-08-05 07:15:00

    Software Dairies Mahesh is my colleague working in IT industry for past 15 years. He usually spends 15 hours a day at work. He is professionally successful, Got promoted fast and he gets a hefty pay check. However, Recently he was diagnosed with diabetes. He is only in his mid-30s. …
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    My first speech in Toastmasters: The ice breaker

    Recently i started my journey in toastmasters. It has been a wonderful experience so far. I would like to share my journey as part of this blog. CC1 Speech: Ice Breaker Good evening fellow toast masters and dear guests. Today i am going to share my story with you. The events…
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    Disrupting Marketing Landscape using Social Media

    Disrupting Marketing Landscape using Social Media

    Traditional media such as news publications, television have been ruling the roost for over a century on how content is delivered to the audience. Print media, Television, weekly, monthly magazines collecting and sharing regular news as well as quality content such as interviews from…
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    I am going to use this blog to capture my learnings from “Digital Story telling course” #ds106 is #4life

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