1. Princess Karissa

    It’s the Future I Can See


    Well it’s onto looking forward from here on out.

    Looking at the video assignment bank I certainly did find some things that really interest me, and know what two assignments I want to do.

    The first one is going to be challenging, but I think that I am up for …

  2. Princess Karissa

    Double Trouble


    Only doing two daily creates this week? Best week ever!!

    Well, looking back I just was unmotivated by this week’s daily creates.

    Picking my favorite gift that I have given or received was pretty hard since I am really bad at picking favorites. The Easter Bunny got me a beach …

  3. Princess Karissa

    The List Never Ends


    While looking at the google doc of all of the different YouTube genre‘s thought of by past students I couldn’t help but laugh at the “Unintentional Hilarity” genre because that is so true. It’s pretty much the modern day America’s Funniest Home Videos always at your access. I find …

  4. Princess Karissa

    This Reading I Don’t Mind


    If anyone knows me they know that I cannot stand reading. I have never been able to be truly captivated by a book, there are times when I wish I could, but it just never seems to happen. I get bored way too easily and I fall asleep and then …

  5. Princess Karissa

    Power To the Lefties!


    Yeah, I said it. While I may be a rare kind of lefty, I still consider myself to be one. I write with my left hand, but all sports are done with my right hand or foot (which was good since I had four injuries on my left side of …

  6. Princess Karissa

    Well This Pretty Much Sums It Up


    This week was very intertwined like a spider web (get it??)

    We had Web Assignments and I loved some parts and hated other things. It was definitely all mixed up together.

    For starters though we had to reflect on last week before moving onto this week. I really enjoyed making …

  7. Princess Karissa

    When Alien’s Attack


    So I went a bit crazy and told my story in one of the daily creates that we could do about another daily create. Confused yet? Yeah I am too. So let me show you what I did.

    Personally, I would start out with this daily create which required us …

  8. Princess Karissa

    Mr. Grumpy Gills


    So this week’s assignment that I put off for as long as possible was the ds106 blog comment narrative. I’m not sure why I was so hesitant to do this, maybe it’s because I already have a character through this blog that the energy behind making another one was too …

  9. Princess Karissa

    Only 44 Days Until Beach Season


    Okay, so “beach season” is defined a bit differently for a Jersey girl like myself. I am not just any Jersey girl, but I am a beach volleyball Jersey girl. I pick bathing suits based off of what ones won’t move when I dive for a volleyball and I go …

  10. Princess Karissa

    Celebrities, Music and Interviews, Oh My!


    This week has been very stressful already and it’s only Tuesday! My sister is getting married and her bachelorette party is this weekend, so I am trying to get everything done before the weekend so I can just relax and not have to worry about homework, but we will see …

  11. Princess Karissa

    My Dream College Experience


    This may just be my favorite assignment yet! Anyone who knows me knows that I am not someone who picks favorites easily. Ever since I was little and someone asked me what my favorite part of vacation was or my favorite part of school, I simply responded with “everything”. I …

  12. Princess Karissa

    March Madness, Audio Style


    Yes, it is that time of year. March Madness is here! I am a sports girl, always have been always will be. But my love for sports really is at the college level. I’m not sure what it is, but most of these kids are playing because they love the …

  13. Princess Karissa

    I Think I Talk Too Much


    If you haven’t picked up on this already by now you probably are completely oblivious (no offense). I talk a lot. There is nothing that I love more than hearing the sound of my own voice, which is why I think that blogging is so much fun, because I just …

  14. Princess Karissa

    All This Work is Giving Me a Headache


    While working on our radio show throughout the past few weeks I found myself needing to make an advertisement that has to deal with our radio show. Since we were really focusing on the hardships behind the group project I decided to do an advertisement for something that would help …

  15. Princess Karissa

    I’m Supposed to Create on a Daily Basis


    A whole clan of daily creates was due for these past two weeks. There certainly were plenty of opportunities to create different things, and ironically it all started with the word “create”.

    To start off my two weeks worth of daily creates I ended up picked the first thing was …

  16. Princess Karissa

    The Most Stressful 30 Seconds of My Life


    Welcome back!! Sure I am saying this more to myself than anyone else. But who would have thought that I would miss just rambling to myself via the Internet. Maybe blogging really is for me…

    Anyway, I have returned from my adventurous Spring Break where I went back to the …

  17. Princess Karissa

    Disney Disney Design Disney!


    There was a lot of Disney this week, mainly because I had so much freedom to do anything I wanted with Design week. I really really enjoyed this week, it seems that each week I like this class more than the week before!

    This week I embarked on a magical …

  18. Princess Karissa

    I do ds106 on a Daily Basis…


    It’s daily create time!!! Once again, I found myself lacking the time to write up a blog post about the daily creates during the day, but I did have the opportunity to do them throughout the week, so that is good! So here is a collection of daily creates that …

  19. Princess Karissa

    Let’s Go on a Safari!!!!


    Design Safari, a set on Flickr.

    During this week I found myself going on a safari for different designs throughout my apartment. I thought about it for a while and different aspects of design and was surprised at what I found. I knew that I wanted to include the …

  20. Princess Karissa

    Don’t Mess with Magic!***


    Magic is some pretty serious stuff. I mean just imagine the responsibility of having magic, what qualifies as something that needs it, who would you use it on, how would it change you? All of that power can really go to someone’s head and it can either make you evil …

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