1. prlaclede

    A General Store Owner


    Robert Ferriar, born and raised in Pennsylvania to his parents Jim and Martha, moved away from home at the age of 18 to claim his stake of the Western Frontier. His family was originally of French decent, but he doesn’t know or care much about his heritage or history. Never …

  2. prlaclede

    Week 2


    It’s been an interesting week, getting more integrated with the course overall. There’s a lot to do! It’s impressive how well the course is tied into different feeds and how the posts we make show up on the main sites.


    To start off the week was my first Daily …

  3. prlaclede

    Design Assignment


    Looking around at some of the design assignments, I saw one about menu design. This got me thinking about a long backlogged personal project of mine, developing my own blogging platform. This was a good reason to get started! Here’s some progress I made on the main site menu bar. …

  4. prlaclede

    Week One!


    It was a busy, but fun week.

    Setup of the website was not so bad. With a Computer Science background myself, and having coded websites from scratch, I’m much more accustom to the process being more intensive! Aside from some minor learning curves, getting everything hooked up was a breeze. …

  5. prlaclede

    The Modern Wild West


    What is a Western?

    Well it seems there are multiple things that can fall under that categorization.

    Many, like my grandfather would consider it a captivating form of media, much like the Louis L’amour books he was so fond of.

    When looking just at the medium of entertainment, it can …

  6. prlaclede

    DS106 Weekly Summary (Week 1)


    Well it’s about that time. Might as well do the weekly summary.

    Q: How well do I feel I completed the requirements this week ?

    A: I would personally like to think I’ve done everything that was required. I will definitely have to look into using more of my accounts …

  7. prlaclede

    Fantastic at reading directions…


    Explicit instructions are definitely my strong suit. When looking over the list of what needs to be completed this week I realized I never made an introduction, so here it is!

    My name is Phillip Laclede. I am a Senior and a Computer Science major here at UMW.

    I’m taking …

  8. prlaclede

    Continued Progress


    I have started playing around with and installing themes and plugins. Man WordPress makes things easy. I’m having a bit of trouble getting SSH access to work (the troubles of being a geek). Onward……

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