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    Week 7 Daily Creates


    This weeks daily creates were easy to complete.

    The first one, I was thrilled when I saw the prompt. Every time I get to let my cat, Quinn, be the subject of my online content I am excited. I was not sure where I was going to put a picture …

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    Radio Show Progress


    I teamed up with Lucy and Cailyn for the radio show assignment. I was interested in joining their group because of their topic of college during a pandemic. This topic was one that I felt comfortable working with for this project. We first communicated through email, and I learned that …

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    Radio Show Design Project


    Cailyn, Lucy, and I decided to make the name of our radio show “un-University”. It fits the theme, “College life through the pandemic”.

    For this design, I decided to do the undo logo above the word “university” with the slogan underneath. I chose the colors grey and navy for the …

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    Design Blitz


    This week we were challenged to do a design blitz. We had to take a pictures that embodied the concept of at lease four of the ten concepts using one picture per concept. The concepts include:




    minimalism & use of space







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    Week 6 Daily Creates


    The first participation for the daily creates was to design an iceberg to see how it would float. At first, I had no idea what to draw, but then eventually came up with the idea of doing a letter that looked like another letter. I drew the letter H that …

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    Design Thoughts


    My initial thoughts design were basically non existent. I never thought about what went behind designing for public consumption. The article and short book made me think harder about what goes on around me. I liked what Vignelli said that design requires discipline in order for the whole product to …

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    What is Your Mascot?


    For this assignment:

    “FOr this assignment, you get to design your very own t-shirt! Find a blank t-shirt template, then add a picture or some text. It could be a joke, a pop culture reference, a movie quote, or anything else you want.”

    I decided to do this assignment …

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    How Does Sound Affect You?


    Hearing is one of the senses that we could live without, but life is much better with our ability to hear. The noise around us sets the scene. Films take advantage of this, and use audio in their movies to tell the story.

    We all know those classic mood setting …

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    Radio Show Ideas


    I think an interesting radio show could be the theme “Expectations v. Reality”. This could take a number of paths like what did we think as young children what being in college would be like versus what is actually like. Or what we thought we wanted to do in college …

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    DS106 Radio Bumper


    One challenge this week was to create a radio bumper that was between 10-30 seconds. I decided to make mine sound like one you would hear on the radio. I opened the bumper with a short quick sound the distinguish the radio with my bumper. Then I said what I …

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    Sound Effects Story


    This required assignment stated: “tell a story using nothing but sound effects…the story can be no longer than 90 seconds.”

    This made me think of the story of a person who has to balance school and their hobbies. In this story, a person goes to school, comes home for a …

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    DS106 Radio


    This week I listened to the DS106 Radio! The night that I listened, a mystery story was playing about a boy’s disappearance. No one new what happened to him, and the radio was going through the evidence starting with his childhood, people who knew him, school, and doctor’s appointments. …

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    Auditory Hell


    This assignment: “create YOUR worst sound ever. Take audio clips of every single sound that you hate and put them all together to make The Worst Noise Ever”

    When I saw this assignment, I immediately thought of sounds that I hate. I actually had an easier time picking out …

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    Four Sounds


    This assignment called for putting together four sounds together. The sounds include fireworks, birds, windchimes, and crickets.

    Fireworks: I really enjoy hearing fireworks. It goes along with my favorite holiday, Fourth of July.

    Birds: I really enjoy hearing the birds when I go outside. It makes outside seem cheerful.

    Windchimes: …

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    Week 5 Daily Creates


    My first participation in the daily creates was responding to a prompt of going onto the UK science museum to see an item and sharing on twitter what we got. When I looked at the submission, I saw some interesting things that were being submitted. When I did it, I …

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    Photo Analysis


    I take many photos that have many faults in them.

    Take this picture for example:

    Picture of me using riding mower

    I took this photo to send to my Dad to show him that I was using the riding mower for the first time. My Dad was hesitant to let …

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    Photography Experience


    My experience with photography started young. My mother likes to take many picture of what is going on in our life at the time. So I have had my photo taken throughout my whole life. Later in life. my sister decided to make photography her career choice. All throughout her …

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    A challenge this week was to do a photoblitzer. This website gave a list of photo challenges to be completed within twenty minutes.

    This gives a list of all the photos that I was challenged to complete. I managed to capture all the photos but the “photo that makes use …

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    Acrostic Poem Collage


    This assignment: “make an acrostic poem collage.  Use each letter from your name and go onto flickr and search for a picture that represents you.  Then you any photoediting to make it a collage.”

    To start:

    Rice: my favorite food of all time. One food I would not be able …

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    Dua Lipa Out of Place


    This assignment, “take a picture of a pop star (either one that you took or found online) and put them in a place that you probably wouldn’t see them!”.

    When I saw this assignment, I immediately thought of Dua Lipa. Recently, I have been listening to Dua Lipa. The …

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    Week 4 Daily Creates


    The first daily create was to use Kaleidoscope Painter to paint in Kaleidoscope Style. I have never used this program, but I enjoyed using the different styles and colors on the canvas. There was not any reasoning to this painting or an idea that I was following. It was just …

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    My Cat


    For this assignment, “make a collage out of photos of your pet (or your favorite animal)! Either take past photos or take photos throughout the week that show how cute or how funny they can be!”.

    I decided to take past pictures of my cat, Quinn and create the collage. …

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    Can Zendaya Get Some Credit Around Here?


    For this visual assignment. “find a picture of a celebrity of your choice and find a quote about that celebrity that links the two together and makes sense”.

    To start this assignment, I was looking for quotes about other celebrities, but after not finding what I was looking for I …

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    Story Analysis


    After reading, The New Digital Storytelling: Creating Narratives with New Media written by Bryan Alexander, watching Vonnegut on The Shape of Stories and watching The Machine is Us/ing Us via YouTube, I decided to analyze the story of the Princess Diaries.

    One storytelling model mentioned in The New Digital Storytelling: …

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