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    one movie, four icons


    Can you guess this 80’s movie?

    It’s a bit dark, if you couldn’t tell, and when I first watched the movie I was super confused by it and the meaning behind it. I’m not even sure I understand it fully even now. Making this was a bit hard because I …

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    for famine relief


    When I came across this assignment in the bank, I immediately thought of Live Aid, which was a charity that was done in the 80’s to help the Ethiopian Famine that was only two years but killed nearly 1.2 million people. 

    I struggled to keep it different from the original …

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    design reflection


    I want to start out this reflection by saying this book and blog post were both beautifully designed (no pun intended). I especially loved the blog post reading, it was so nice and easy to follow.

    After reading Vignelli Canon’s book, I put way more thought into my designs than …

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    minimalist movie


    I told my friend about this class, and she suggested that I use this website called “Canva”, and now I’m highly recommending it to anyone taking this class or needing to design things in general. I love how easy the site is to use, and although not everything is free, …

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    week five


    I dreaded this week because it’s not my forte at all, and frankly just not my cup of tea. I also hate hearing any audio of my voice, it always makes me cringe, and I’m sick with a flu this week (if you can hear my nasally voice in any …

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    radio show ideas


    I came up with two ideas for the radio show we’ll all be making! Hopefully I’m on the right track: 

    One:  Influencers  – Talk about some of the biggest influencers of the decade (music influencers, cultural, fashion, political, etc.)

    Two: 80’s Crime – forensic psychology really interests me so I …

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    tweet along


    I was a bit worried at first that I would have no idea what to say about the story I heard on Tuesday, but as the radio show went on, I actually ended up tweeting a lot more than I thought I would. Here are a couple of my favorite …

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    moon graffiti


    I feel like from the very beginning of this audio, it creates a sense of atmosphere. The voices are accompanied by background noises (the beeping, the static) that make me feel like I’m watching this happen or actually in it. It gave me a bit of anxiety, the beeping definitely …

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    Two of my favorite things to relax to are the sound of the piano, and the sound of rain. If I’m stressed out before bed, I usually put on some rain sounds or piano sounds, so for this assignment I decided to combine the two and created a little track …

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    in honor of valentine’s day…


    For this assignment, I took a little twist on it. I decided to honor the theme of Valentine’s Day as well as out 80’s class theme, and pull a monologue from one of my favorite movies!  I added some background music from Youtube Free Music that I think fit …

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    guess that 80’s movie!


    I feel like it’s pretty obvious what movie this is from the jump, but let me know if you guessed it! This assignment was pretty fun to do, it just took a while to get all the audio clips I wanted for it. That was probably the most time consuming …

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    sound effects story


    For this assignment, I decided to create my vision of a perfect 80’s summer day! I tried to include sounds that were oldish sounding (for example, the car and the Polaroid click at the end), in order to keep it with our theme. Hope you enjoy it! 

    P.S. — MANY …

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    week five


    Even though this week’s focus was photography, I felt like I did way more writing than last week, in which we focused on the writing aspects of digital story telling and had assignments from the writing bank.  I don’t mind writing, at all, but I guess it was something I …

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    80’s Pop Culture Photography


    First off, I just want to say that Whoopi Goldberg is a super dope name. I had to do some research on her –I knew she was an actress, but I didn’t know when her breakthrough came. I found out that her role as Celie in The Color Purple (1985) …

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    photography reflection


    I started getting into photography when I was in high school, around the same time I started using social media. I was inspired a lot by famous people’s aesthetically pleasing Instagrams or their blog posts; I really wanted that for myself. I asked for a camera one Christmas and ended …

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    20 minute capture

    Black and white photographs are a classic look. Take a picture that reminds you of your childhood Take a picture that represents wildness. Make a picture of death (but don’t kill anything in doing so). llustrate attraction in a photograph today. Make a photo of something you wear coat, gloves,…
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    word cloud


    Word Cloud: 2.5 Stars

    For this assignment I decided to create a word cloud and used words that related to our 80’s theme. I had to do some research on some slang/catchphrases that were popular in the 80’s (ex. wicked), as well as other popular items such as the Walkman. …

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    week three


    I think this week I really challenged myself, and I have to say I’m proud of all the work that I’ve done. The writing assignments that I chose were ones I felt I was able to be super creative with, but I really learned a lot at the same time. …

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    “The time is right to make new friends”


    A short story from a fortune cookie: 

                   I fiddled with the laces of my black converse as I sat in the passenger’s seat of my mom’s Volkswagen. I tried to tune into the sounds around me – the car doors slamming as kids got out of cars (something I had …

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    “Sincerely Yours, The Breakfast Club”


    Despite being a raunchy and pretty cliché film, the Breakfast Club remains one of my favorite movies of all time. I watched it for the first time when I was sixteen and I honestly just watched it at first for the “aesthetic” of it all; I thought it was “cool” …

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    80’s timeline


    I created this timeline in perspective of myself and my own interests. I thought, if I were living in the 80’s, what events would strike my attention each year? I also made sure to include the events that still have some impact on my life today, for example, the global …

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    a, b, c’s


    A story in the alphabet: 

    And Beth Calmly Danced Efficaciously, Forgot Ghoulish Heartaches, Incorporated Joy, Kept Life Meaningful, Never Omitted Possibilities, Quickly Realized Some Troubles Unite Voices With Xenial Youthful Zeal

    Using each letter of the alphabet is harder than it looks (I definitely underestimated this task), but I’m pretty …

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    poetry art


    My love for poetry began in middle school, and I’m not even sure exactly how or why it started then, but I found myself always reading poems, buying poetry books, and even writing poetry of my own. I love the way words can make me feel things, especially with poems …

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    week two


    Week two and I’m still getting used to this class, but I’m determined to be on top of everything I need to be for next week’s assignments. Regardless of feeling like I was falling behind, I had a lot of fun with this week. I love having the freedom to …

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    “sweet dreams” in my 80’s themed room


              I chose this Weekly Assignment because I adore Pinterest. I get so many of my ideas from there and have so many boards and I’m constantly creating more. I also love to decorate any sort of living space and make it as homey and cute as possible, but for this …

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    i was born in the wrong generation


    “I was born in the wrong generation” is such a cliche thing to say, but sometimes it’s truly how I feel. I don’t remember when my love for Queen began, but I know they’ve always had a special place in my heart (and the hearts of many I know). I’ve …

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