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    Final Project.


    To any family or friends that remain, or anyone that finds this letter — I want someone to know what happened:

    I am traveling with a group of four others, there were seven but now only four. The rest of us have seemed to of remained somewhat uninfected or untouched …

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    Week 12 Reflection


    This week I completed two five star assignments and one two star assignments. They were easy because I knew the topic so well, since it was based on the novels we read. I loved the book I read, and hear that it is going to get turned into a tv …

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    Harness Relationships


    The last assignment I decided to do was the Harnessing Relationships. I choose to do a map of The Twelve and where their potential hives would be located. It includes the crime committed which landed them on death row and which potential hive belongs to each inmate. I know it …

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    Phone Conversation Assignment


    The book I chose to read was The Passage by Justin Cronin, and another assignment I decided on was having a phone conversation with yourself! The conversation mimics an exact conversation that is had in the book between Sister Arnette and the head of security at the zoo. For those …

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    Character Bucket List


    I read the book The Passage and one of the assignments I decided to complete this week was The Bucket List assignment. The guidelines for the assignment was to choose a character and then write a bucket list you think he/she might have made themselves. I choose to do Anthony …

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    Final Video


    This is our final video that we did over the course of two weeks! None of us wanted to be in the video per-say so we got creative and used footage we could find online that fit the narrative and we set out to find places we could record ourselves. …

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    Week Eleven Reflection


    This week was interesting, I enjoyed the creative process of creating a video. We had what I felt like was a really good idea, and I think that we were able to execute it fairly well.  I hope that everyone enjoys our video and is able to understand the feelings …

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    Assignment Suggestions


    I wrote a couple of media assignment suggestions, one in the video category and one in the audio. The first one was the idea of creating a mini-documentary that was inspired by one story in particular. The idea is to have several different people tell their own version of a …

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    Video Project- Trailer


    Making our video project was interesting, it took a lot more work then radio show did. We used the same themes and ideas that we did in our radio show, since we were in the same groups. The idea behind the video is that there is one person broadcasting footage …

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    Video Group Planning Reflection


    I choose to go with Path Two this week. I decided to stick with my group from the radio show because I though we worked really well together and created some really good content. This week we have been throwing around ideas of what our video will be, who will …

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    Radio Show Reflection


    Our radio shows aired this week! Listening to our show along with the rest of the class was interesting to say to the least. Can’t say I am a fan of listening to my own voice! I did think our show turned out really well though! It was pretty easy …

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    Week Nine Reflection


    We did not have to many assignment this week because it was an in between week, so I do not have to much to report on! It was fun going to a lot of peoples blogs and leaving nice comments for them!



    QOW: What’s one thing you definitely …

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    Week 7 and 8 Reflection


    This week we did the radio show and it was a really fun experience! I enjoyed because I found it fascinating to get to play the role of the character I created. I was able to do some more character development on her through the process, and find some other …

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    Radio Project


    My team and I just finished up the last pieces of our radio show project! The whole plot is really interesting, and I would have never came up with it all myself! We had one interviewer and the rest of us played people calling into tell about all the different …

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    Frequency 2156



    I love this whole platform, even though it sort of freaked me out. The fact that it is only audio, only makes it that much creepier. It leaves a lot to the imagination. In my contribution my radio post was asking for help. The members of my group had …

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    Audio Reflection


    “I’m painting something, but I’m not holding the paint brush. You are.” Jad Abumrad said when talking about how someone else’s voice relates to your own imagination. I had never thought about it before, but it is true that when listening to the radio I can picture in my mind …

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    Katie Levine


    Archetype Character – The Observer

    Smart, Quick, Knows their surroundings, has a keen eye, patient


    Katie Levine – Her Past

    Katie grew up with a single mother, and a brother who was two years older then her. They were from Austin, Texas. Katie’s dad left her family when she …

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    Week 5 Reflection


    This week was a fun one! I enjoyed learning how to create audio, and how to put different pieces together. I have finally gotten almost halfway through my novel, and I cannot put it down! It is so good! Its The Passage by Justin Cronin. I would recommend this book …

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    Weekly Reflection 3


    I have ran into some serious troubles this week. For starters, my UMW password expired earlier this week, locking me out of all my accounts. After getting in touch with the UMW helpdesk, and getting my passwords reset, I thought I was back on the right track. By Friday, I …

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    Alternative Ending


    After reading A Boy and His Dog, I decided I liked the story but not the ending. It felt like after everything he did throughout the whole story, nothing changed. It was just as it was in the beginning. So I changed the ending to my liking.

    original ending:

    “It …

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    Short Story Readings


    I read a couple of different short stories this week, one being A Boy and His Dog and another The Defenders. I enjoyed both stories, but was far more impressed with The Defenders.

    A Boy and His Dog, was interesting to stay the least. Based on the title alone, I …

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    Instagram is Down


    Instagram is down!!

    You want to know what I ate for lunch today…right? Maybe not, but I’m going to tell you every savory detail anyways. Prepare for taste bud envy. For lunch today, I had two slices of pizza. Not just any pizza, Digiorno rising crust pizza. Supreme. It was …

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    10 Seconds of Thanks


    My Car

    This is a list of the first things that popped in my mind, when thinking about the word thankful. I could go on and on if I had the time. If I nothing else but what was on this list, I would …

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    Week 2 Reflection


    What a fun week! I really enjoyed writing the short story Total Demolition. It was so easy to get creative, especially about the world ending! I’m really looking forward to beginning reading The Passage by Justin Cronin. I think I am really going to enjoy the fresh take on the …

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    End Day


    The short film End Day, was almost fascinating with the use of different potential doomsday theories. As I watched and tried to asses which ones were the most realistic or probable, I realized that they all potentially could be. That frightened me. A personal over the top fear of mine, …

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    Total Demolition


    August 21, 2017. People all across America had been waiting for this day for weeks. Plans were being made, bags packed and gas tanks filled. It was the day of the Solar Eclipse, the first one to be visible in America since 1979. It was getting major news coverage, every …

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    Reflection on Week One


    Hello, my name is Rachel and welcome to my first blog post! This week I’ve spent a lot of time sorting through our weekly assignments, teaching myself how to accomplish the tasks, and lots of research on how to maneuver WordPress. I am still working out the kinks on my …

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