1. rachstanford77

    Pumpkins Walking

    Inanimate Motion- 4 Stars

    The prompt to this assignment is:

    Take successive photos of inanimate objects and put them together in a way that it makes at least one inanimate object move. Make it tell a story!! Bonus points for an epic sound track attached. The idea here is bringing …

  2. rachstanford77

    Trying to Talk to Myself

    Have a Conversation with Yourself-5 Stars

    This assignment‘s prompt  is:

    Have a conversation with yourself! Film yourself talking, then change clothes, hair styles, etc and then film the other half of the convo. Edit this in any movie editor program (I used Pinnacle movie maker) To overlap the two …

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    Wall Street without the Profanity

    That Bleeping Censor- 5 Stars

    The prompt for this assignment is:

    You get to be the censor of a movie scene or clip.  Choose a sound effect or dialogue you want to substitute for a recurring phrase or expletive, or over-used character speech and use it at the appropriate moments …

  4. rachstanford77

    Coding the Morse

    Morse Code Challenge- 5 Stars

    Here is the prompt for this assignment:

    This challenge can either be completed as an Audio Assignment, or a Visual Assignment. Inspired by a similar challenge, involving the use of American Sign Language, this challenge has you try to spell out words using Morse …

  5. rachstanford77

    Inspirational Lyrics


    Do you have a theme song? If so, what is that song? Is it just one, or do you have multiple songs for different purposes? Create an inspirational poster with favourite lyrics from your theme song or sing the song and record an audio file.

    The songs I used for …

  6. rachstanford77

    Dying Laughing


    Today‘s daily create is:

    Write a grook. The grooks are characterized by irony, paradox, brevity, precise use of language, sophisticated rhythms and rhymes, and an often satiric nature.

     Dying Laughing


     is fun

    And sometimes funny

    But you may die hereafter…

  7. rachstanford77

    Tree Bridge


    Today daily create prompt:

    About one century ago this [Bridge Over Troubled Water] was the tittle of a famous song. It needs a picture.

    This was a tree bridge I decided to climb across one day while hiking. It was 15 feet above the water so I think I …

  8. rachstanford77

    Changing the World


    Today’s prompt comes from James Popsys. Who? “After shooting photos of places and things, James uses photo-manipulation to create imaginative scenes that show strange sights that you never see in the real world.”

    Can you remix a very boring photo in a creative ways? Take one of your personal …

  9. rachstanford77

    The Green Bottle


    “The story of that remarkable green bottle that was found a month ago by a little boy and his dog in the nearby…”

    Write a story with this prompt somewhere on the interwebz (your blog or a google doc) and then tweet a link to the story as a response.…

  10. rachstanford77

    Week 10 Wrap Up


    How well do you feel you completed the requirements of the week’s assignments?

    I feel that I have fulfilled each assignment to the best of my abilities. The sign language one was a little difficult because I wasn’t sure how to go about it but I eventually figured a way …

  11. rachstanford77

    John, the Favorite

    Special Person Montage- 5 Stars

    This assignment‘s prompt is:

    For this assignment you are to decide on who is special to you. It could be a relative, sibling, parent, friend, mentor, celebrity, or anyone. Then you are to make a video of images or video clips of them showing …

  12. rachstanford77

    Different Positions. Different Emotions.


    Roger Ebert has many interesting opinions about how filmography can transform a film. He sees different positions as setting off different emotions. But his methods to analyzing movies makes sense. Breaking down the film and stopping at different parts is a great way to better understand the movie and possibly …

  13. rachstanford77

    Analyze Will Hunting


    For this reflection I chose to analyze the movie scene of the bar from Good Will Hunting. It’s number 17 in the playlist.

    Analyze the Camera Work

    After reading the article by Robert Ebert, the first thing I noticed is that as the characters enter the bar, they are in …

  14. rachstanford77

    Generously Signing

    Signing Words- 4 Stars

    Assignment Prompt:

    This assignment requires you to take a video of yourself or someone else and finger spell a word or a phrase in Sign Language alphabet and let others guess what you have spelled. Make sure you do a word that is bigger then 5 …

  15. rachstanford77

    One Player


    So today’s daily create’s prompt was:

    “Take a small piece of paper (A5 maybe or note pad size), make a one player game with simple rules that fit on this piece of paper. Use only simple shapes and colors to design, Optionally use a dice and/or pen. Note you can …

  16. rachstanford77

    Week 9 Wrap Up


    How well do you feel you completed the requirements of the week’s assignments?

    This week’s assignments were not too bad. I actually had a lot of trouble with the changing the website one. There were just several things working against me on it. My computer, my sucky internet provider, you …

  17. rachstanford77

    How they Came Together

    How it all Began- 4 Stars

    Create a page on your website that goes into detail how a group came together. Talk about the motives behind joining forces, real or fictional. This can be serious or comedic, have fun!

    This looked like a fun assignment to make up a story …

  18. rachstanford77

    Which is Gilmore Character Are You?


    Buzzfeed Personality Quiz- 4 Stars

    Have you taken one of those fun personality quizzes on Buzzfeed? Now make your own! Sign in with Buzzfeed to create a community account (you can use gmail). Then start making a quiz for people to find out which character they are. Use any characters …

  19. rachstanford77

    Connecting the Dots

    Connecting the Dots

    So the lovely Nature Stick Man was lying at the beach reciting his favorite Shakesmorean poem when all of a sudden two crazy preteen girls jump out of the water and starting dancing to a Pit Bull song. Nature Stick Man was at a lost of what …

  20. rachstanford77

    Critiquing Us


    In general, I had a lot of fun making our Wacky History radio show. It was great figuring out all of the history on dentures and wedding rings because both are still quite relevant today despite the fact they have been around for centuries. Overall, I believe it turned out …

  21. rachstanford77

    Critiquing Them


    Overall the Digital Story Fellers radio show was great. It had current even stories that were very interesting and many were quite compelling. The show had very serious tone due to the stories that they told but they had fun music in between each segment which made it fun to …

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