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    Summing Up the Daily Creates


    This week I have received many compliments on my daily creates and how much I have improved, which has been really encouraging. I also have been enjoying making daily creates a lot more now that I know how to use Photoshop Elements 11 as well as other tools that have …

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    If Fail, Try Again


       Here is the prompt to this assignment.

       “Find something in your house. Take a picture. Let your imagination churn. Make as many different augmented versions as you can think of. Help others see what’s in your head.”

    As you can see, I took a regular TV stand and turned into …

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    Think Fast. Snap a Photo.


    Where and Why I Chose to Photoblitz

    So I chose to photoblitz at my boyfriend’s apartment. There is several beautiful plants landscaped outside of his complex so I thought it might be a good place. I also knew that the photoblitz list asked for unusual objects to capture and for …

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    Hue Who


    Here is the link to the original assignment. 3 Stars

    Take any picture in the entire world and change the color hue of the picture to completely change how it looks! Then post it on flickr to show the world!

    So this is a photo I took a few years …

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    Keep Practicing


    “Write a blog post and see if you can figure out how to embed a flickr set into your blog post. Write about the reason why you selected those photos. Write about the story you are trying to say with any of them.”

    I picked these photos to make a …

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    Week 4 Wrap Up


    How well do you feel you completed the requirements of the week’s assignments?

    This week’s assignments were thoroughly enjoyable. I loved all of the Daily Creates I did and the Audio assignments turned out to be more fun than I had originally anticipated. Also being able to listen to so …

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    Take a Wild Guess


    Favorite Song (1.5 Stars)

    “Take your favorite song. Remove the lyrics. Play only up to thirty seconds of the song. Listener must be able to guess. “

    I was more than happy to do this assingment. I have always wanted to know how to take lyrics out of songs …

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    You Do Not Always Need Words to Tell a Story


    Sound Effects Story (3.5 Stars)

    “Tell a story using nothing but sound effects. There can be no verbal communication, only sound effects. Use at least five different sounds that you find online. The story can be no longer than 90 seconds. “

    I thought this was an exciting and challenging …

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    Alone on the Phone

    Have A Phone Conversation With Yourself “Using Audacity or another audio editing software, record yourself holding down both sides of a conversation. Using the pitch changer and/or other effects, change your voice so it sounds like two different people are talking.”

    This is by far the most embarrassing assignment that …

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    Jad Abunrad’s perspective on radio storytelling is quite enlightening. I loved the metaphor he used of someone over the radio making a painting when telling a story but they are not the ones holding the paint brush, it’s the audience. That is precisely why he considers the radio “co-imagination” and …

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    A Sequence of Events


    I found Ira Glass‘ advice about storytelling on the radio extremely helpful. He pointed out some useful tips that can make any boring ordinary story sound fascinating and intriguing, which he demonstrated quite well.

    It was great that he let all young or aspiring storytellers know that it is …

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    Ferris Wheel Called Life!


    Ever feel like you’re just stuck in a rut? Like you just keep going around and around on a never ending ferris wheel? Well this new self-help book is the perfect book for you! Enjoy! 

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    Week 3 Wrap Up


    How well do you feel you completed the requirements of the week’s assignments?

    There were quite a few assignments this week compared to the past couple of weeks but I feel like I met the requirements for each one. I used slickr-flickr this week even though it took forever to …

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    Never Give Up Reflection


    We’ve all been there. Those times where it seems like giving up is such an easier option, however, it is usually times like that when we need to keep persevering, which is exactly what my brother, Roy did.

    It was his senior year of high school and everything was going …

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    Never Give Up


    Story in five photos.

    Here is the link to my story in the Flickr group and I added a slideshow of it too



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    Learning from Others


    It was really great looking at other student’s blogs and I was able to learn quite a few things about the people in my class and even some different ideas for my blog. One thing I learned that I found incredibly helpful was another way to make a gif. One …

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    Into the Deep Blue


    Here’s my daily create for the day. I’ve embedded the link into the prompt. Enjoy.

    Write a short story about an ocean at the end of your backyard…


    There’s an ocean in my backyard. I do not know how or why it got there.

    One day I woke up …

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    Shaping Summer


    After watching this video, write a new blog post and explain a story that you’re familiar with in terms of Vonnegut’s approach. Pick a movie, TV show, book, poem, song, etc. The idea is to outline the shape of that story in a visual and descriptive form. Use some kind …

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