1. rachstanford77

    So the Dolphin Thought to Himself


    Write a caption for what is in the mind of the dolphin as it travels to visit this rare, red crab.

    Here is the link to the original prompt for the daily create.

    The dolphin thinks to himself, “I wish I was traveling to see the rare limegreen jellyfish. He’s …

  2. rachstanford77

    (Digital) Storytelling



    Just write a blog post to represent a starting point to outline what storytelling means to you. More like an association exercise than a, academic treatise. What comes to mind visually when you think of the word? Think about what the word brings to mind: images, places, people, sounds. …

  3. rachstanford77

    Week 2 Wrap Up


    So this second week has shown yet again, that I honestly do not have a large knowledge base about the Internet and its uses and capabilities. I learned a great deal about how perfect the interwebs are for letting creativity flow and linking people together in meaningful ways. Not only …

  4. rachstanford77

    Ability to Create Meaningful Exchanges on this Platform


    Before reading about Campbell’s ideas on how universities handle internet sharing and technology, and watching his conference on the same concepts, I always saw everything about the Internet as revolutionary. It’s an ever changing world with technology advancing so rapidly so I never stopped to think how much creativity can …

  5. rachstanford77

    What is it? A Mogwai.


    There are many people who have no clue what a mogwai is, yet if you mention the word “gremlin,” almost anyone can tell you what that is and that it’s in reference to the 1980s classic, Gremlins. Whether someone has seen the movie or not, they know exactly what a …

  6. rachstanford77

    Exciting Place-Daily Create


    This one time I got to go to the coolest and most exciting place ever. HOGWARTS.

     As in Hogwarts at Universal Studios of course. You can really see that my cousin was really excited to be there.


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    Daily Create-English Slang


    Here is a scene from the Devil Wears Prada (classic) with a few British slang words mixed in.

    Andy Sachs: [on phone] Hello Miranda?

    Miranda Priestly: [on the phone from Miami] My flight has been cancelled. It’s some rubbish weather problem.

    Miranda Priestly: It feels like it’s going to be …

  8. rachstanford77

    TDC 498


    Here is my photo of me to introduce myself to the world! This is me when I was on a cruise, such a fun time!

  9. rachstanford77

    Summary- Week 1 Wrap Up


    It has only been the first week of this class and I already feel like I have learned so much. Before starting this class I thought I was quite knowledgeable of the Internet and social media, but after creating my own domain and several other accounts, I have come to …

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