1. raequeen

    DS106 Project C

    In this assignment you had to take an article and scratch out parts to leave another story that was completely different from the first.  My original was about brewing your own beer.  My story reads, “Once upon a time on a safari within a short drive of a store, you…
  2. raequeen

    Mrs. Queen 2012-10-10 21:48:00


    Talk about Demotivating!  There are few things that demotivate me more than knowing there is no point in saving for the future when so much money is printed my money is worthless the longer I hold on to it!  =(   …
  3. raequeen

    Truthful Movie Poster


    I loved this assignment, I really loved seeing what everyone else put up.  It was fun and thought provoking.

    This is a project I want to do with my students in the future, sans the foul language.  I think this teaches students that they have to truly think of why …

  4. raequeen

    Odyssey on Maps


    I created a Google Map based on the Odyssey intended to use in future classes in school.  I would like to use this activity again for other books as well.  I am thinking along the lines of Mark Twain, or Jane Austen.  I am a visual person so something like …

  5. raequeen

    Attention… or lack thereof…


    Is it odd that the first subject matter to come up in a digital media class for prospective English teachers is attention?  I would venture to say no, and I would also like to commend my professor for allowing us o speak so honestly about our own attentiveness.  It seems that …

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