1. rcrabbe

    Law of Conservation of Energy


    Here is today’s daily create

    Explain a Principle of Physics in a Pair of Limericks

    Here is what I came up with:

    It states that the total energy cannot change,
    it’s conserved over time, how strange.
    it can change form
    never reborn,
    then converted to kinetic energy for exchange

    But …

  2. rcrabbe

    Live From ESPN


    For this audio assignment I chose to do the interview/mashup.  I based my interview on ESPN and Lebron James because well, he have been trending on twitter all day since he revealed he will be returning to Cleveland.  Here it is:

    Here is the transcript of the interview.  All …

  3. rcrabbe



    So I was cleaning out some old stuff around my grandmother’s house and I stumbled upon this old picture of a guitar.  Hmm.. I thought, It looks just like my guitar!

    Here is today’s Daily Create,

    Take a photo of something modern and make it look like it is from …

  4. rcrabbe

    A Walk With Nature


    Once upon a time there was a teenage boy taking a leisure walk through the forest.   As he was enjoying the beautiful sounds of nature a small bee stung him on his temple.  It did not hurt that much as he swatted the bee upon landing, so away he goes …

  5. rcrabbe

    Breaking news


    This first assignment for soundcloud wasn’t hard at all because I previously recorded a sound for Dr. Garcia and uploaded it, so I just did it the same way again.

    Current news in NBA right now is where will Lebron James go to since he is now a free agent.…

  6. rcrabbe

    I almost died


    Omg ok so this morning I got on my computer getting ready to knock some work out the way for today right.  So then I tried to log onto my blog and I got hit with this webpage

    and my face was like

    Guys, I died. I died. I died.…

  7. rcrabbe



    I updated the cover picture of my site. I was kind of getting tired of seeing the same ol picture every time I log on.  I have a problem with stuff staying the same for too long.  Like I can’t wear the same nail polish for more than 3 days …

  8. rcrabbe

    Another week has ended


    This is the end of another hectic week in the ds106 community.  To me, this week was harder than the first because it required a lot more work with design programs, which means I have had quite a few headaches all week.  The hardest thing was, as stated in previous …

  9. rcrabbe



    This week I have received a lot of support from my classmates.  They have been commenting on several of my assignments and I really appreciate the positive feedback.  I haven’t received any constructive criticism though so hopefully in the future I will get this as well, since I know nothing …

  10. rcrabbe

    Designs are Everywhere!


    I haven’t really been out much this week, so I have not seen any real signs that depicted the design principles.  So, plan b was to look around my house and my stuff and I actually did find some things!

    The main effect of this design element is to …

  11. rcrabbe



    Today’s daily create is to create a joke that a cow would say to a human.

    Cow to Human: Got milk? *evil glare*

    Yea…don’t make a cow mad.  This reminds me of the time when our neighbor’s bulls got loose one day and they ran around terrorising the streets.  Talk …

  12. rcrabbe

    Snow White


    For my next design assignment, I made a minimalist poster.

    I decided to create a poster for one of my favorite Disney movies, Snow White.  This is a story of a young girl who had to escape her home because an evil queen wanted to kill her.  She ran …

  13. rcrabbe



    For today’s daily create, here is a picture of me with a couple of kids who lives in a village I volunteer at in El Progreso, Honduras.

    This here is a happy 3 year bond.  I love these smiles.

  14. rcrabbe

    Memoir of a free-spirit


    I chose to do a design assignment on the Six-Word Memoir.  I have always loved being a free spirit but sometimes I feel constrained to finish school and do what my parents want me to do.  Want to know my real passion in life? I want to join the …

  15. rcrabbe

    The Boy Who Lived


    I’m more than half way done with my current summer read: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone.  I decided to reread all the book of this series, for the millionth time, this summer.  I would have been started but the two classes I was taking at the beginning of the …

  16. rcrabbe

    Metric System


    If I had to create a law for the day then without a doubt I would make it against the law to use the english system of measurement. The metric system is where it’s at guys. Really. I will never understand why we have to be so special and use …

  17. rcrabbe

    Wrapping It Up


    Ok everyone, take a deep breath.

    We are all so jubilant now that we finally got the hang of this thing because lord have mercy setting all this up was a pain in my.. 


    So, in my eyes I believe I did great on …

  18. rcrabbe



    Wesch asked a very great question, so great that I want to answer it myself.

    “How many of you do not actually like school?”

    Well, I also honestly do not like school.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE learning but often times in undergrad I feel like i’m …

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    Now, if these three words don’t sum up this whole ds106 experience then I don’t know what will.  Gardner definitely hit the nail on the head with this one! Getting everything straight for my blog and domain has been one trying process and here is how I’d …

  20. rcrabbe

    The Lowdown on LoDown 001


    To  start off, I think one of the good things about this audio is that he came up with the idea as soon as he woke up.  He must of had a great dream about ds106 audio podcasts haha.
    When he stated that we would be making our own radio …

  21. rcrabbe

    Mix and Match


    Today’s daily create consists of cutitng up a newspaper article and reconstructing it.
    Here is what I got:

    Parkinson’s supplements took type
    specific in blood.
    did increased vitamin D
    much those
    the receptor
    promising either as levels those
    progress found or
    soon a Vitamin D
    the placebo took those to …

  22. rcrabbe

    A year older


    I created this birthday poster for Dr. Garcia using a pre-loaded template from Microsoft Publisher 2013.  I kept the normal layout and typed in my personalized message.


  23. rcrabbe

    Education is the Key


    “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
    – Nelson Mandela

    The beginning of this year I went on my third trip to El Progreso, Honduras.  If you don’t know already, Honduras for the third year in a row has been on the list …

  24. rcrabbe

    The Soloist


    Today’s daily create consisted of taking a picture to introduce myself.  Now, when I say I thought too hard about this simple assignment please believe me.  I tried thinking of so many different ways I should take a picture of myself and so many questions came up.  Should I put …

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