1. Rebecca

    It’s over. Go home!


    The past 4 days has been the longest 8 years of my life. It was a lot of work getting my final story done, and some of it (lookin’ at you, GIF) didn’t actually need to be done. I like to think it added to my story, though. I hope.…

  2. Rebecca

    The Secret World of Arriet-flea


    Let me start off by saying this: humans are dumb. They are so self-centered, they think that only they could be smart enough to be historians, or spies, or the great thinkers. I’m living, hopping proof that anyone can be brilliant. I’m a flea, and I’ve got a tiny conspiracy …

  3. Rebecca

    Snow on the rainbow bridge


    The second and final video project I chose to do this week is the 4-and-a-half (?!) star Narrative Ambiance assignment. I chose it because I thought it would be easy. I was dead. wrong.

    I like to film the weather – if it’s raining, windy, snowing, you know I’ve got …

  4. Rebecca

    Origami SPEED-RUN! No zen allowed!


    The first video assignment I chose to do for the week is the 4-star Six Second Art project. I’ll say right now that I’m no artist – I can’t draw for beans, I can’t paint, I can’t dance, and I can’t sing. I have shaky hands so anything that requires …

  5. Rebecca



    Today’s daily create was… demanding… I saw it when it was first posted and had no idea what to do for it. I might have gone a little too outside the box (or outside the assignment), so I’m kinda feeling like my mermaid statue sitting on the dock right now, …

  6. Rebecca

    The ONE time it’s okay to keep pausing the movie.


    A few years ago I took an international film class at UMW. We talked about film techniques, movements, themes, all that stuff.  It was just a summer class, but I thought I was so smart because I got to watch and analyze a buttload of classic movies. What I didn’t …

  7. Rebecca

    The daily anxiety


    Today’s daily create: “I am nervous.” Me: a shivering chihuahua. A decorative sunken ship at the bottom of a fish tank with “nervous wreck” painted on the hull. Both things I thought of AFTER replying to the Daily Create. Facepalming myself into oblivion right now.

    #tdc1984 #ds106 what is this …

  8. Rebecca

    The greatest speech never given


    Right off the bat, Moon Graffiti forces you into panic mode alongside the engineers at mission control. It begins with a reenactment of the worst case scenario – a “moon disaster.” There is a rapid beeping, signalling critical error, and the static message from the astronaut giving mission control a …

  9. Rebecca

    Logical fallacies – but maybe the hat really is cool.


    This week’s final Daily Create is all about logical fallacies. I jumped on “bandwagon” (har har har) and chose to use critically endangered animals as the subjects. It’s hard to say “everyone is doing it” when there aren’t a lot of people in the first place. Also, that’s just not …

  10. Rebecca

    You guys sound a little off


    I mentioned in my about me page that I like cartoons… and one of the cartoons that I’m crazy about (like a lot of other people right now) is Steven Universe. I can’t help it. I love the songs, the gems, the fusions, and the neverending possibilities for conspiracy theories. …

  11. Rebecca

    Peace on a small scale


    Today’s daily create asks for us to contribute to a peace playlist. I tried to think of peace songs that hadn’t been submitted already, but came up short. Then I realized that I had lots of ideas for songs that were narrations of moments of personal peace – something I …

  12. Rebecca

    What’s the scariest part about camping?


    It’d been a long day full of fun outdoorsiness. We set up camp by the river, as we usually do. It was a long walk from the park’s welcome center, carrying all our gear and swatting mosquitos away for what felt like 600 years, but we finally made it to …

  13. Rebecca

    Barack’s big secret… (clickbait title ahoy)


    You thought he was cool before. You followed him on Snapchat. You follow him on Twitter. Michelle, too. When you got an email with his or Michelle’s signature, you kept it, and you still have it. Is it just me? But now we find out… he’s been chillin with us …

  14. Rebecca

    Fancy schmancy lattes


    Today’s TDC was all about ridiculous lattes… I’ve never actually had a latte that was decorated, even with the regular art that looks like a fern. Now all I want is a latte with a pokemon on it. That’s the ONLY kind of latte I want.

    excited for the new …

  15. Rebecca

    So much design, so little time.


    Full disclosure: I waited way too long to do this blitz. I actually ended up staying home every day this week, so what I ended up doing is turning to one of my all-time favorites… looking at magazine ads. After all, what good is an ad if it looks bad? …

  16. Rebecca

    Intent is everything: the Vignelli Canon


    The first thing I noticed in the Vignelli Canon is how uniquely the book itself is designed. It’s not just a book about design, but the book itself is a design and it has been designed. The pages aren’t just leaves of paper that exist for words and pictures to …

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