1. rfletch6

    Eleshaq Tutorial


    I decided to do a tutorial for the assignment where you paste someone’s head on an animal body. I did this screencast tour and showed people how to do this via PowerPoint for those who, like me, aren’t proficient in design programs like Photoshop. This isn’t as neat or professional …

  2. rfletch6

    What People Think I Do


    I chose to do this assignment because misconceptions about what I do are common. Especially around finals, different people pull me in different directions but sometimes, I just want to stay to myself. Netflix is my savior during finals when I just want to relax. 

  3. rfletch6

    What’s in a Name?


    I choose this assignment because it reminds me of a sixth grade project I had to do. We had to research the meaning of our name and present it in a creative way. Since I’m over the top, I created a rap and a diorama of a countryside with a …

  4. rfletch6

    Design Assignments: Eleshaq


    I choose to do this design assignment so I could mix humor with intentionality. This assignment asks people to paste someone’s head on an animal body or vice versa. I choose an elephant and Shaquille O’Neal not just because I love elephants, but also because the image still has meaning. …

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