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    Weekly Report Five


    Another jam-packed week full of new information. This week’s topic was audio. I explored the world of audiovisual and how it is used in digital storytelling. This topic is something I have never thought of using before, so I definitely had a little bit of a learning curve to begin. …

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    You Only Live Twice


    This week I listened to the audio drama “You Only Live Twice”. To begin, I really enjoyed listening to this because it is a James Bond movie so I was able to relate to it well. It was great to be able to hear all the different audio tools being …

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    Brain Storming a Radio Show


    Brainstorm Radio Show Ideas:In a couple of weeks, you will be forming groups and creating a radio show as pre-recorded audio. In preparation, each of you needs to brainstorm ideas for a 20-30 minute radio show—somehow related to or inspired by the theme of the course —on your blog. This …

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    What Would I Tweet??


    Today’s #dailycreate asked what would I post to social media if I had been kidnapped, but the post can’t be obvious enough to alert the kidnapper. Check on my response below.…

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    My Morning Routine


    Take at least 3 household sounds (things you hear everyday during your commute, work day, school day, etc.) and take them out of context. Mash them up, combine them, remix them any way you want, as long as the final product does not resemble the things the sounds came from. …

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    Can I Say That Three Times Fast?


    Say any tongue twister as fast as you can and include a background sound to layer it.  http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/tongue-twister/ The Work Itself: 3 Stars “Sally sells seashell by the seashore,” say that ten times fast ?. Well, I did and I put Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” as my background music. …

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    Mashing Up Baby


    Create a new mashup by combining any two songs you feel fitting for a mashup! You would be surprised at some of the results!Below I completed this assignment by mashing Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” with Letting Go (a popular electro song back from 2011) http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/take-any-two-songs-similar-or-not-and-create-a-mashupremix/ The Work Itself: I did a …

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    I Might Have a Potential Radio Voice


    The Work Itself: This week I had to make my first radio bumper for the DS106 Radio. This was a lot of fun. By now I have Audacity fairly figured out so making my recording was very simple. I tried to use a smooth jazz voice to make my bumper …

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    Let’s Go to the Moon Baby


    Moon Graffiti Moon Graffiti truly made me feel as if I were watching the story being played out. I have listened to audiobooks before and have had the same feeling, but this one was really well done. All I needed was the beginning short introduction of what was going on …

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    A Story With Sound


    Tell a story using nothing but sound effects. There can be no verbal communication, only sound effects. Use at least five different sounds that you find online. The story can be no longer than 90 seconds. Another example (by a UMW student): https://ds106.us/wp-content/audio/audio_story.mp3 http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/sound-effects-story/ The Work Itself: 3.5 Stars I …

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    Weekly Summary Report Four


    Week four was another jam-packed week full of new information and assignments to complete. This week the topic was photography. I started by writing a post with my current knowledge of photography. Next, I was assigned two articles to read, which had a great amount of information on the topic. …

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    Spy Cinematography


    I was asked this week to review any spy movie or video, analyze, and take some still photos to show examples of the information given in the Becoming a Better Photographer and Photography and narrative: What is involved in telling a story? articles. In this scene from Mission Impossible: Ghost …

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    Groovy Photoblitz Baby


    My Photoblitz categories: A perfect line, get closer and fill the frame, what does disappointment look like, depict the weather, take a photo with a square 1:1, take a photo that represents the wilderness, and take a photo that freezes. I was able to accomplish all of these tasks besides …

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    Today’s #dailycreate asked to list six words that mean something to me and are also hashtags. Check out my tweet below!…

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    Ace Love: Wanted


    Using an online wanted poster generator such as this one, generate a wanted poster of a favorite character or actual person.  Start with a close-up photo of their face with a minimum of distracting background. Crop and change it in your image editor to black and white to get a small …

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    Hanging with a T-rex


    Use photo editing software of your choice to splice pairs of pictures into single images.  Play with scale in delightful ways.  See artist Stephen McMennamy’s great collection. http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/combophoto/ The Work Itself: 4 stars I was looking through some photos from winter break and ran across this photo and thought, “what can …

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    My Favorite Photo


    It’s simple. Choose your faveourite photo you’ve taken and tell everyone why you love it so much. http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/your-favourite-photo/ The Work Itself: 2 stars I love this photo because it was taken at one of the coolest springs I have been to in Florida. This photo was taken at Ginnie Springs, …

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    Do I Take Groovy Photos Baby?


    I would consider my current experience with photography, above average. The main bulk of the photos I take are from videos. After filming, I review the video and grab the photos that I like the best. I mainly take photos of my travels and sports, like snowboarding, wakeboarding, and surfing. …

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    Bears, Beets, Battle Star Galactica


    Take an exisiting movie poster and make it look silly. My final project involved an Ewok who wanted to be in a movie with Arnold Schwarzengger. This is his idea of a poster. http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/create-a-silly-movie-poster/ The Work Itself: 4 stars The Office is hands down my favorite show. So far, no …

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    Weekly Summary Report Three


    Wow what a week. This week was filled full a bunch of new and excited digital storytelling writing tools. I started the week off by checking the course website, I then clicked on Weekly Assignments, and began reading the material for this week. Storytelling Tools The first thing I accomplished …

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    “Get Smart” Movie Analysis


    For my analysis I watched “Get Smart” starring Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway. This story is great, because Maxwell Smart (Steve Carell) starts off as a nobody analyst who had a huge weight problem, and in the end, becomes what he has always wanted to be, a field agent (the …

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    Plastic as Far as the Eye Can See


    What if plants and animals could all communicate without humans understanding? Write either about a conversation between two non-human living things or through the point of view of one non-human witnessing people go about their daily lives. How would a really old tree feel about having always been in the …

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    Austin Powers: Quantum of Mojo


    This assignment helps take your writing skills to a new level. Pick any secret agent and create an alternate story line for that character. You could take an agent like James Bond and give him a whole new background of give him a new mission to complete. You could even …

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    Ten Random Words


    The task is to create a short story or poem using 10 random words. Go to random word generator and change it to generate ten words then select “Generate Random Words”. From there, choose an animal and find a way to add that animal along with your ten random words …

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    Captain Veggie


    Inspired by Jen Dalby’s reference to Captain Condom, create an unusual superhero.  What are their powers?  Write an origin story.  If you’re more visual, design the costume for Sanitation Man, The Amazing Credit Default Swap, or  whatever other unusual hero you can come up with. (2 Stars) https://web.archive.org/web/20150327014058/http:/assignments.ds106.us/assignments/unusual-superhero/ The Work …

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    Character Creation: Ace Love


    The Work Itself: Ace Love… born on Earth on February 14th, 2195. Ace grew up in a world of easily assessable space travel and multiple species of life on many different planets. Growing up, Ace became multilingual and an amazing pilot. However, Ace also had a knack for thievery. At …

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