1. Rita Art

    ds106 Remix Machine


    The Golden Archs are the symbol for McDonald’s.  No one is disputing that.  Almost just as recognizable as the giant M is Ronald McDonald.  I’ve always wondered how someone could be as fit as Ronald McDonald if he eats McDonald’s all the time.  If they were going to have a …

  2. Rita Art

    A Stronger Person


    Three of my all time favorite movies are Matilda, Spirited Away, and La Femme Nikita. I always question and wonder why certain things are my favorite.  I realize all these movies have a couple things in common a strong leading woman, a bit of magic, and they all are a …

  3. Rita Art

    Be Kind, Rewind


    For this project I recreated a scene from Wizard of Oz with my own twist.  Honestly I think I like mine more than the original. XD  Plus, I think my dog did a better job acting out the role of Todo.    Or maybe I was a fan of my version …

  4. Rita Art

    My Life


    Making this vlog was very unusual but in a good way.  It was a completely different look to home videos.  At first I thought everything I recorded was rubbish, but then I soon realized how many memories I captured of my life at this very moment.  I think about how …

  5. Rita Art

    First half of Week 4


    Post 1:

    The scene I chose for my look, listen, analyze was ne near the end of the episode where they realize why the aliens came to earth.

    1. This video takes advantages of several of the techniques. It uses aspects of the rule of thirds when the man (the …

  6. Rita Art

    Smoking No No


    Three of my favorite shows are “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “Arrested Development,” and “Scrubs.”  The jokes are different but they all share the same sense of humor.  Sometimes I think how great it would be if they could all share a show together.  Who would enjoy JD’s fantasy worlds …

  7. Rita Art

    Toys and Dolls


    Every kid loves playing with toys and while growing up we all had our favorites.  As a grown up, sometimes I look back at the toys I used to play with.  Some of them bring back fun feelings and I still think they’re cool.  Others bring back a completely different …

  8. Rita Art

    ds106 zone LoDown


    It was great to hear so many tips on the Scottlo podcast.  This week we had guest speakers on Scottlo’s podcast.  Rochelle & Amber guest hosted the podcast.  Both gave a very informative podcast on sounds effects.  One of the greatest points they made that hit home to me was …

  9. Rita Art

    To Fly


    The song Gabriel by Lamb is about a person who is very stable and self-sufficient but still wants more.  This woman has their “angel” Gabriel and wants them.  She doesn’t need Gabriel to get by, but she really wants him in her life.  As the song goes on she realizes …

  10. Rita Art



    Living in the NOVA area, it’s hard to get away from the political scene.  Everywhere you turn someone’s trying to campaign or push their agenda.  Every four years, it because unbearable.  Personally, I just try to avoid it and take care of what I can take care of.  I like …

  11. Rita Art

    Old People


    As we get older our bodies start to change for better or worse.  We may look different or something may not work quite like it used to.  For Poor Joe, his eyesight isn’t exactly up to par.  Poor Joe finds himself out in the shed one day and has mistaken …

  12. Rita Art

    Blink 182


    Blink 182 has been one of my favorite bands since high school.  I’ve always liked their music but also like the personality of the band.  They seem very fun and carefree. This really comes across in their music videos.  This little clip really sums up their attitude and approach to…
  13. Rita Art

    Dr Suess Meets Henry Bemis


    The Twilight Zone is always filled with ironic twists and turns.  Her you have a man who just wanted to read and read and read.  When he finally gets the chance, he blows it.  I think this is a very relatable story as several of us always wanted something only …

  14. Rita Art

    Take a walk in someone else’s shoes


    Donna Douglas was a very famous actress in her day.  Her most famous role was Elly May Clampett in the Beverly Hillbillies.  In the Beverly Hillbillies she was always viewed as the beautiful one, and it always seemed like she was too pretty to really be one of the hillbillies.    …

  15. Rita Art

    Movie Trading Card


    Anybody living in Virginia last summer can relate to this episode of “The Twilight Zone.”  It was so hot that I would have believe the weatherman if he said it was caused by the sun coming closer for a visit.  The expression on the woman’s face in my gif was …

  16. Rita Art

    Hey Big Boy! Woof…


    My dog Luna is just like any other girl.  She always wants to make sure she’s looking her best.  She wants to be wearing cute clothes, makeup, and lipstick.  Anything to stand out.

    If anybody ever met my dog they would understand why I did this.  She’s as high-fashion and …

  17. Rita Art

    Five Time Grammy Winner Presents…


    “Stranger in the the Distance” is the the first album from known stutterer Rita Art.  Despite her speaking issues, Rita still managed to produce a music album that is gaining a lof of momentum.  The the critics have had nothing but great reviews so far.  Her fans lined up at …

  18. Rita Art

    I Hate Spiders


    To this day, bugs are probably the one thing I hate the most.  Every time I see them I freak out.  I view spiders exactly the same if not worse.  They climb up walls, leave disgusting webs, and are everywhere.  I even have mixed feelings about Spiderman.  Take this GIF …

  19. Rita Art

    The Silence of the Lambs


    I never saw the trailers for The Silence of the Lambs or how it was promoted, it came out in 1991 and  I was born in 1990.  However, I think that this would be an easy movie to sell with this movie picture in hand.  There’s so much emotion and …

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