1. Rita Art

    The Ugly Truth


    Beautiful people, so much can be said about this topic.  Since the stone age beauty has been high priority  on everyones list.  So much time and effort is given each day on recreating oneself makeup, pills, lotions, even plastic surgery.  Rather than just accepting oneself and moving on because at …

  2. Rita Art

    Michael Wesch


    After watching Michael Wesch video I realized will soon become one of my favorite people.  His video brought forward so many great questions about our current learning structure in a classroom.  Which I asked many of the same questions throughout many years of my schooling.  Such as why must everything …

  3. Rita Art

    Gardner Cambell


    Cambell’s essay and video explains/ brings to light  how cyber infrastructure was developed throughout history of the internet.  It explained how the internet used to be based on html and how facualty and students had a difficult time understanding and being afraid of venturing into this new technology.  Later when …

  4. Rita Art

    Scottlo Radio Show Low Down



    First off let me say that Scottlo voice is perfect for radio it is soothing and clear, making it very easy to listen too and keep the listener engaged. Ds106zoneLowdown has been an interesting aspect to ds106 and I definitely feel like it adds to the class by reminding …

  5. Rita Art

    Lost Soul: Portrait


    I am in a strange place in my life.  I will soon graduate college and enter the real world.  I am excited to be able to pursue my dreams but on the other hand I feel there are still certain restrictions in my life.  What helps me get through the …

  6. Rita Art

    Life Begins


      One of my passions is baby photography.  When taking pictures of a baby there’s certain challenges that you run into that you wouldn’t with an adult. Babies don’t take directions and only cooperate by accident.  It falls on me to try and adapt accordingly and take a great picture.  In …

  7. Rita Art



      I tend to get frustrated with myself more often than not. I always feel like I am my own worst enemy. I am the only person standing in my way of happiness. This image is a reflection of the battle within.  Sometimes when it’s time to get something done the …

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